Thursday, March 16, 2017

Storytelling: Use it to Control Your Buyer’s Mind?

Storytelling in sales and marketing has long been touted as effective, and we now have the science to prove why. 

According to a new study, when presented with a story, the storyteller and listeners brains actually synchronize – termed brain coupling.

Brand new research from Drexel University, using new tools to more easily and accurately measure real time brain activity between different subjects, found that a listener’s brain activity (in brain areas associated with speech comprehension) mirrors the speaker’s brain when he or she is telling a story, with about a five-second delay.

The mirrored areas of the brain are responsible for discerning beliefs, desires, and goals of others. In fact, the study measured better comprehension when storytelling was leveraged as compared to other communication methods.

Used in a selling situation, the coupling effects of storytelling are incredibly effective at sympathetic alignment of beliefs, desires, goals and understanding. Your storytelling and brain mirroring literally means you and the buyer are in synch – at the brain level.

When it comes to articulating value, key to busting through status quo and getting positive purchase decisions going your way, storytelling is equally key. Your value needs to go beyond ROI, TCO, NPV and payback. The numbers are important, however, if you want synchronicity with your buyer, the storytelling around your value is equally important. So the next time you have an opportunity, don’t just communicate insights, metrics, features and price: tell your value story.


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