Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Are you Ready to Sell to the Business vs. just to IT?

As the Cloud and SaaS make technology more accessible to the business, purchased like a utility instead of a capital intensive project, IT is being left out of the decision, or involved just to assure security, compliance and governance.

According to the latest research from IDC, 58% of technology purchases are now driven by the business, versus only 42% controlled by IT.

In the past, IT professionals would generate all the innovative tech ideas, investigate options, and play the decisive role in solution selection. Now, the ability to understand and procure complex technology is pervasive, and as a result, it’s the business leaders who now control most of these steps in the decision process.

This shift in control presents as significant challenge for solution providers, as what used to work, doesn’t resonate any more.

Unfortunately, the majority of marketing content still speaks to technical buyers rather than business leaders, focusing too much on the “how” versus the “why”. Business leaders say that the content vendors are pushing doesn’t speak their language, too tech, features and price centric. Instead, they want more research insights,  comparative benchmarks and competitive advice, as well as a focus on, not what the solution does and how it works, but what unique business value your solution can deliver.

When business buyers engage with your sales reps and channel partners, these conversations are perceived no better.  The business buyer says your sales reps and channel partners know how to pitch and demo solutions, doing a good job explaining how the solution works, but not how the solution solves critical business challenges and the business value delivered.

So the big question:
1.     Is your marketing providing the business value-focused content business leaders require to motivate journey and facilitate business decision making?
2.     Are your sales reps and channel partners equipped to go beyond pitching solutions to IT, to instead, connect and engage with business leaders on challenges and value?

So how do you market and sell better to “large and in charge” business leaders? Join us at the Business Value Summit (#BVSummit) in Santa Clara, March 1st and Boston, March 9th, to see the latest research, and most importantly, learn from your peers who have successfully transitioned from pitching technology to articulating business value.

Attendees will receive complimentary access to IDC Directions (contact us for details), and a signed copy of the book: Frugalnomic Survival Guide: How to Use Your Unique Value to Market Better, Stand Out and Sell More

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