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For 2017: Less is More with Interactive Value-Focused Content

Examine a typical content strategy and it’s all too often about producing more and more content. You would think that marketers are being “paid by the pound” for their content.
But if you ask buyers, less is definitely more. In fact, 83% of buyers indicate they are “overwhelmed by the sheer volume of content available”, this according to research by Demand Gen Report.
For your buyer it’s about quality over quantity.  They don’t need more content. Instead, your prospects want personalized research, analysis, benchmarks, advice, and guidance. Interactive Content Leads the WayDemand Gen Report reveals that 84% of buyers now prefer moreinteractive and visual content, providing users with the ability to dynamically self-explore interests, analyze opportunities, and obtain customized consultative advice. 
The closer the content comes to replicating expert advice, and focuses not on a product / service-pitch but on the value of potential solutions, the better.
The research revealed how content…

Smart Marketing Tools recognizes Alinean for Value Marketing & ROI Tools excellence

No sooner did we learn about inclusion in the Smart Sales Tools guide for 2016, then the sister publication Smart Marketing Tools includes us in their Smart Marketing Tools reference for 2016 as well!

Thank you to the Smart Marketing Tools team for the honor.

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Alinean makes the Top Sales Tool guide for 3rd year in a row

Nancy Nardin and the Smart Selling Tools team release the 2016 Top Sales Tools guide, and we are honored to be featured for the 3rd year in a row, owning the Value Selling & ROI Tools category.

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