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Webinar: The Value of “Move the Needle”

Featuring:Thomas Pisello, Alinean CEO / The ROI GuyThursday,  January 19, 2017 11:00 am, EST Today’s buyer doesn’t want a sales pitch. They want to know how your insights and experience can help them beat the competition.
But this is easier said than done:Are your sales reps empowered to engage earlier and have poignant financial discussions you’re your prospects?Can they compare the prospect to the competition to help them uncover issues and drive improvements?Can you prove how a small improvement using your solutions could directly impact their competitive position and drive significant business value improvements?  In this session, Tom Pisello, the ROI Guy, will introduce you to the new Alinean Peer Comparison application, your ticket to sales rep financial acumen and early business value engagement.
Developed in conjunction with SandP Compustat, you’ll see how this elegantly simple, yet powerful benchmarking application empowers your sales reps, pre-sales support and value engine…

A Failure to Close

If you ask the average sales rep why the deal didn’t close, they’ll likely tell you “Price”. 
In fact, an Aberdeen survey of sales leaders indicated that “Price” was cited as the main reason 73% of the time, far beyond any other supposed cause.
Sales reps are clear, in the majority of stalled / lost deals, it’s “all about the Benjamins”.
However, when buyers were surveyed, they provide completely different reasons as to why they decided to not move forward with your proposal.
According to research firm SiriusDecisions, only 9% of buyers rated price as the key-deciding factor.Clearly, from a buyers’ perspective, it’s not about price at all.
For pipeline deals that stalled (some 61% of a typical pipeline), it wasn’t that the price was too high, but that the buyer wasn’t convinced as to the “priority of change”. Likely, the sales rep didn’t convince the buyer that the “do nothing” costs were worth addressing now, and the benefits worthy of investment.
For the deals where the buyer did m…

2017. The Year B2B Reps Can Finally Sell Value?

Value is a vital element to sales success for 2017, according to insights from Peter Ostrow, Research
Director of Sales Enablement Strategies for research firm SiriusDecisions.

In an exclusive interview, the Value of Value Selling & Marketing, Mr. Ostrow revealed new research and discussed the critical role “value” can play in meeting new buyer demands, driving higher win rates and getting more sales reps to meet or beat quota goals.

Peter was quick to reveal research that shows just how hard it can be to achieve these goals in 2017, as the buyer’s decision-making journey has become more complex.

He offered three tips to excel in 2017. Click here to learn more in our article on Smart Selling Tools -