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IDC Interview: Financial Justification a Requirement for Technology Buyers

If you’re marketing and selling technology solutions, being able to communicate and quantify your unique value to prospects is more important than ever, this according to leading IT analyst firm IDC.
In an interview with Randy Perry, VP of Business Value Consulting for IDC, we discussed several key changes in purchase decisions for hardware, software, Cloud and services, leveraging IDC’s research from over 400 enterprise buyers over the past two years.
Those in charge of technology decision making have changed, with business groups in charge of most technology purchase decisions, now driving 58% of demand, criteria, budgets and approvals, and the number of purchase decision makers increasing by 43% over the past two years, now involving 8 to 10 decision makers.
With these changing roles, tech buyers care most about driving business growth (35%) and reducing risks (28%), versus what used to matter much more in the past: how the technology investment would reduce total cost of ownershi…