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Accelerating the Buyers Journey: Less Features and More Value

You are putting together your content marketing roadmap, figuring out what content you need to best engage and motivate prospect’s through the buyer’s journey. As you do so, you may want to consider some important research to guide your planning efforts.
Did you know …67% of the buyer’s journey is done digitally, making your content more important than ever in facilitating buyer decision making (Gartner)83% of buyers remain overwhelmed by the amount of content available, wanting quality personalized content over quantity. (CMI)74% of buyers indicate solution provider content is still too focused on features vs. value, so you have to shift your content to better communicate and quantify your unique value if you want to stand out and engage (Gartner).
It’s clear. Across the buyer’s journey you need less of the right personalized value-focused content, to motivate buyers from “do nothing” to “yes”.
Here’s what we recommend for each phase:Ideas - During the initial phase of the buyers jo…