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Your Next Practice: Interactive Value-focused Content

As B2B buyers leverage more content to help make better purchase decisions, buyer sentiment is clear: All content is not created equal.
According to a recent survey by the Demand Gen Report , 51% of buyers are relying more on solution provider’ content to make better buying decisions, however, 83% of these buyers are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of content available, this according to a recent survey from Demand Gen Report.
For your buyer it’s about quality over quantity.They don’t need more content. Instead, your prospects want personalized research and analysis, benchmarks, advice, and guidance.
From the research, 84% of buyers now prefer more interactive and visual content, providing users with the ability to dynamically self-explore areas of interest, analyze opportunities, and obtain customized consultative advice.
The closer the content replicates personalized expert advice and focuses not on a product-pitch, but on the value of potential solutions, the better. As a result, …

What a Buyer Wants: Personalized Advice, Business Value and ROI

B2B buyers are scrutinizing potential vendors more closely, with greater requirements for personalized advice, business value and ROI than ever before, this according to independent research results from the Sixth Annual Demand Gen Report: 2016 B2B Buyer’s Survey,
Getting PersonalWith buyers spending more time researching more choices than ever, Demand Gen Report’s research revealed just how important personalization ranked as crucial in the purchase decision-making process.
For corporate web sites and marketing content, respondents indicated the need for “relevant content that speaks directly to them and their company.” In fact, 69% said it was “very important,” while 27% said it was “somewhat important.”
From these results, one can see that one-size-fits-all white papers, the crack cocaine of content marketing, don’t cut it any more. Instead, you need interactive content can help, providing buyers with personalized content, assessments and analysis based on a quick discovery and self…

The Five Pillars to Business Value / ROI Selling Success

A business value / ROI sales tool can be a fantastic foundation to business value selling success, but to elevate to greatness, you need more.
From our extensive client experience, we have found that implementing best practices from the following Five Pillars can be the key to reaching new heights with your business value-selling program:
1)Deliver a superior user experience – Do your sales reps and channel partners love using your business value / ROI tools? They should.
Your business value / ROI sales tools should be simple, easy and fun to use, all while providing credible analyses and results.Spreadsheets don’t cut it, and financially heavy interfaces present an immediate barrier for sales reps that don’t have degrees in accounting or finance.
The fact is that your sales reps and channel partners are spoiled by easy to use consumer applications, and expect every program they use to be visually stunning, intuitive to use, and not require any training or instructions.
A modern interface…

Show me the Money: Financial Justification Remains a Requirement

Financial justification remains a requirement, this according to research by IDC’s Business Value Consulting Group, with a whopping 95% of decision makers requiring proof of business value outcomes prior to considering and approving a purchase. 
Budgets are tight and buyers are risk averse, demanding diligence and assurances that proposed investments deliver a tangible bottom-line impact, positive returns and a quick payback.

As project size grows, it should be no surprise that the demand for financial justification increases, in proportion to the risk. Over 85% of projects over $50,000 now require a formal business case.
Although financial justification / ROI is required, most buyers struggle with the numbers. According to IDC, 2/3rds of buyers indicate they don’t have the knowledge, research metrics or tools needed to do ROI / business value calculations. Relying on the prospect to on their own develop the business case can lead to significant delays in the decision cycle, and resul…