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Get a $120M revenue boost from partnering with customers on Value Selling & ROI / TCO? Splunk tells you how.

David Caradonna is the Director of Global Business Value Consulting (BVC) for Splunk, and with his team, they’ve achieved some incredible results from their value selling programs.
David was recently interviewed by the not-for-profit Value Selling and Realization Council, and the results of their Splunk BVC program are amazing.
With just a handful of resources, the Splunk team leverages the Alinean platform and analyst services to deliver a simple self-service catalog of ROI/TCO Tools. The program has resulted in sales reps engaging more often and partnering with customers and prospects on value analysis and delivery, with:Over 1,500 business cases to prospects last year730 business cases in this last quarter aloneInfluence on over $120M in annual new business wins each year.
The tools have been essential to get the company value-focused, with the Splunk BVC team able to quickly educate and train 150 sales reps and 300 field resources each quarter. The adoption has been incredible, wit…

SiriusDecisions Reveals Sales Content Research and Secrets to Success

The importance of sales content remains strong, with 79% of b-to-b buyers reporting that the content provided by a rep isvery to extremely influential in their selection of one vendor over another.
New research results from SiriusDecisions show the significance of Sales Content to winning more business, revealed by Heather Cole, Services Director of Sales Enablement with SiriusDecisions, in a compelling interview with Alinean’s own Tom Pisello.
In the interview, Heather indicated that more sales content was being leveraged by sales reps throughout each stage of the buyer’s journey, with the research tallying an average of 6.3 pieces delivered to buyers in the Education phase, 6.1 in Solution, and 4.9 in Selection,
But more content does not guarantee accelerated decisions, greater deal size or more wins. The research quantified for the first time that all content is not created equal, with a decided difference in the assets used more often by the highest performing sales reps compared to …