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3 Big Takeaways from SiriusDecisions’ Summit 2016

Chock full of research reveals and best practices sharing, the annual “Woodstock” for sales and marketers, SiriusDecisions’ Summit just wrapped up in Nashville last week.
Here are our three big takeaways:
1)  One size Doesn’t Fit AllThe need for sales and marketing personalization has never been higher, according to SiriusDecisions analysts, and this personalization is not isolated to just early marketing or sales engagements, but critical through all stages of the buyer’s journey.
Your prospects are now receiving 32% more vendor communications than just 2 years ago, and as a result, drowning in a sea of look-alike content. Sending out more white papers (the crack cocaine of marketing) or relying on canned PowerPoints won’t provide the differentiation needed to effectively engage today’s “short attention span” customer.
What can you do to stand out from the crowd, and most importantly, be more effective?
Our advice: Migrate beyond static white papers, to Interactive Content, personalized…

On-Demand Webinar - From an ROI Business Case to a Value-centric Case for Change

Despite the growing need to convince buyers as to the unique value you can deliver, the traditional ROI Business Case - long a staple of value selling - may be losing its luster in driving sales success.Why? The Traditional ROI Business Case is often too inside-out (vendor-centric), focused too much on the solution and what it can do. Most are overloaded with too many numbers that clients have difficulty connecting with.Neuroscience has revealed just how important it is to not just quantify the value of your solution, but to spark attention, build trust and tell your value story.In this on-demand recording, Tom Pisello, the ROI Guy and CEO / founder of value tool provider Alinean and Shimon Abouzaglo, Founder and President of the Value Selling & Realization Council revealed the latest research and specific techniques for moving from a traditional numbers centric ROI Business Case to a Value-centric Case for Change, and how this can boost forecasted win rates beyond 50%, increase d…