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Is ROI Selling your Ticket to a 51% Win Rate?

Is a win rate of over 50% possible?

Recent research by CSO Insights says you can achieve this performance if your organization has a “superior ability to build a solid business case / ROI”.
CSO Insights uncovered that Win-Rates increase dramatically, and Competitive / No Decision losses decline greatly as your ROI selling capability grows. 

Those meeting or exceeding expectations with their ROI selling programs do much better than those needing improvement or redesign. In fact, moving your ROI program from basic to excellent can result in Win-Rate gains of 40% (to over 50% of deals) and reduction in Competitive and “No Decision” losses by 30%.

And the benefits don’t stop there. Those with superior ROI selling programs have:A dramatically higher percentage of sales reps meeting / beating quota: 69% vs. 47%, almost a 50% increase.An incredible improvement in sales reps achieving revenue plan attainment: 87% vs. 77%.These gains are driven by increasing demand for ROI from buyers, which CSO …

Forbes Insights: Value First

Although helping sales reps consistently find the right content for each selling situation is deemed important and is garnering much attention / investment, it’s not the top way to create higher performing reps and drive the most revenue.
A recent study by Forbes Insights indicates that top performing Sales Enablement organizations are distinctly different in their ability to:1) Create content that is relevant to the needs of the customers they call on (67%)2) Communicate the company’s value story (63%).

Because it is easier for buyers to research online before they meet with a rep, salespeople are ever more challenged to go beyond the easily available content and have high-value conversations, to help the buyers on topics they haven’t already learned on their own. 

As a result, the report indicates a distinct Value Gap between a typical sellers’ standard product pitch, and buyer expectations to have consultative guidance in uncovering challenges, getting competitive advice and understan…

Gartner: Buyers Demand Less Pitch, More Value-Story

According to a study from Gartner, most solution providers are not providing what buyers need when it comes to content and sales engagements.
From the survey of over 350 decision makers:
> Almost three quarters (74%) say Providers focus too much on their product features and technology, rather than the benefits.
> Nearly half (48%) don’t think Providers do a good job of communicating the business value (outcomes) that their technology and services provide.

> Customer stories and case studies are the best way that providers can communicate differentiation that buyers trust, this according to 70% of the decision makers surveyed.

Buyers have changed and are now more numbers centric, demanding more financial justification, as well as being risk averse, wanting assurances that other customers have achieved significant value and are willing to shout about it.
The challenge: Reshape your marketing content and sales conversations from pitching-products to better communicating and quantify…

Value Summit Keynote - The Importance of Getting Value Selling Right

Last week we were incredibly proud to help launch the Value Summit (#VSRSummit) in Dallas, a
first of its kind gathering of over 160 of the best value consultants and sales enablement leads.

The two day event included great presentations and panels by industry analysts, thought leaders and consultants.

I was honored to be recognized as one of the three original founders of this new group (the VSR Council), and lucky to share the keynote stage with my good friend Jim Ninivaggi, ex- Sales Enablement practice lead from SiriusDecisions, now Chief Strategy Officer with Strategy to Revenue (STR).

In our keynote, we analyzed some of the top value selling challenges and discussed some key trends that are sure to shape value consulting and sales enablement over the next few months:

The vital importance of getting value selling right. How buyers have changed and trends are driving more involvement from vendors to better communicate and quantify unique value. Key research showing that although m…

Frugalnomics in Effect - Gartner predicts low IT spending growth for 2016

Gartner recently published their latest worldwide IT spending forecasts, and with a likely economic slowdown on the horizon, are projecting an anemic 0.6% YoY increase from 2015.

If you’re marketing or selling technology, this decline could have a significant impact, with buyers becoming even more cautious and economic focused.

Frugalnomics in Effect
IT spending has significantly changed, and you need to know these trends in order to succeed:

1) Do More with Less – Because of the Great Recession, companies learned how to cut expenses to improve the bottom-line, and have learned to permanently “Do More with Less”.

2) Central IT is Irrelevant? - Most technology spending decisions are now driven and controlled by business groups vs. formal IT. In fact, According to IDC, 48% of IT spending is controlled or influenced by the business. And Gartner is predicting that by 2020, as much as 90% of IT spending could be driven by the business.

3) Buyers are “Cold as ICE” - Purchase decision-making is no…