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Lets Get Real Interview: The Cost of Do Nothing and Value of Change

As the economy stalls, why is value so important, and what should you be doing now to avoid disruption?

In this exclusive “Lets Get Real” interview, Tom Pisello, CEO of Alinean talks to Nancy Nardin of Smart Selling Tools, to reveal the latest research, practices and tools to drive value selling and marketing success.
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Follow Your Heart to Content Marketing Success

By Dan Sixsmith & Tom Pisello
Promotional Content simply doesn't work. We ignore it and become amazing filters of any content that is trying to sell us something" - Michael Brenner, NewsCred
If promotional content really does not work, then why do 93% of marketers connect their content directly to a product or service? (The Economist)
To be fair, marketers are under pressure to produce massive amounts of content, which needs to support a more complex selling environment, and engage buyers across a growing number of channels. 
With 71% of buyers disconnecting because of product centric content, what are marketers to do? (The Economist)  With Valentine's Day just around the corner, the answer may be to follow your HEART:
Help, Don't Sell: Content shouldn't be about your company and products, but about the buyer and their challenges. In fact, 75% of executives who actively seek content are researching a business idea (Economist). They need Help--not a sales pitch.