Your Next Practice: Interactive Value-focused Content

As B2B buyers leverage more content to help make better purchase decisions, buyer sentiment is clear: All content is not created equal.

According to a recent survey by the Demand Gen Report , 51% of buyers are relying more on solution provider’ content to make better buying decisions, however, 83% of these buyers are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of content available, this according to a recent survey from Demand Gen Report.

For your buyer it’s about quality over quantity.  They don’t need more content. Instead, your prospects want personalized research and analysis, benchmarks, advice, and guidance.

From the research, 84% of buyers now prefer more interactive and visual content, providing users with the ability to dynamically self-explore areas of interest, analyze opportunities, and obtain customized consultative advice. 

The closer the content replicates personalized expert advice and focuses not on a product-pitch, but on the value of potential solutions, the better. As a result, the Demand Gen Report research revealed that:
  • Interactive value storytelling, diagnostic assessments and ROI / TCO calculators all saw steady and significant growth in buyer value from a year ago
  • 95% of buyers want more benchmarking insights to help measure effectiveness against industry standards
  • 81% of buyers want benchmarking tools to guide future investments. 

The ROI of Interactive Value-Focused Content?

So what’s in it for you? Solution providers taking advantage of interactive value-focused content garner a significant competitive advantage over those relying on static content like white papers (the crack cocaine of content marketing).

Interactive value-focused content delivers a marked improvement in content marketing effectiveness, with IDC reporting that interactive value-focused content:
  • Garnered more attention, generating 50% more leads when compared to static content fueled campaigns
  • Improved buyer audience engagement and education, generating a 30% improvement in motivated buyers and qualified sales opportunities
  • Generated a significant 20% improvement in conversion rates.

What could this mean for your efforts? For every 100 leads currently generated by static content, you could capture an additional 50 leads, improve conversions to generate 2 more deals, and drive an incremental $1M in revenue.

The Evidence?

ADP, the well-known payroll and HR services firm, knows the value of interactive content well.  Alinean worked with the ADP content marketing team to produce the HCM Challenge, an on-line interactive assessment / benchmarking tool prospects could use to analyze their current HR capability / maturity, and obtain advice as to which areas should be addressed, which ADP solutions could help, and potential business value impact of these proposed solutions. Using the tool, buyers received the results on-line, and then could download a completely personalized assessment white paper.

HCM Challenge fueled marketing campaigns immediately had a significant impact, generating over $1M in pipeline and $250k in incremental deals in just the first 3 months after launch.

Over 150 more leads, a 50% decrease in stalled deals and $1.4M in annual revenue are tied to the ADP HCM challenge program each year, making it one of the top 3 campaigns ADP has ever launched.

And they aren’t the only ones generating significant sales and marketing improvements with interactive value-focused content.  For some ideas, checkout these interactive value-focused content examples:

FIS Fintech 2020 Survey -

Kronos Value Assessment Tool (VAT) (UK version)-

Dell Storage TCO Calculator -

The Bottom-Line

Your prospects rely on solution provider content to help them make purchase decisions, but are overwhelmed with the sheer volume available. 

In order to better differentiate, engage and motivate, you need to evolve from producing more of the same old static content, to innovative interactive value-focused content instead. 

This should include developing and delivering interactive value storytelling, assessments and ROI / TCO calculators.

Are you ready for more qualified leads, increased conversions and improved win rates?


DemandGen Report - 2016 Content Preferences Survey: B2B Buyers Value Content That Offers Data And Analysis -


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