SiriusDecisions Reveals Sales Content Research and Secrets to Success

The importance of sales content remains strong, with 79% of b-to-b buyers reporting that the content provided by a rep is very to extremely influential in their selection of one vendor over another.

New research results from SiriusDecisions show the significance of Sales Content to winning more business, revealed by Heather Cole, Services Director of Sales Enablement with SiriusDecisions, in a compelling interview with Alinean’s own Tom Pisello.

In the interview, Heather indicated that more sales content was being leveraged by sales reps throughout each stage of the buyer’s journey, with the research tallying an average of 6.3 pieces delivered to buyers in the Education phase, 6.1 in Solution, and 4.9 in Selection,

But more content does not guarantee accelerated decisions, greater deal size or more wins. The  
research quantified for the first time that all content is not created equal, with a decided difference in the assets used more often by the highest performing sales reps compared to low performers and middlers. 

Most importantly, the research uncovered and ranked content as to perceived value to buyers.

Interpreting the results, Heather Cole exposed how today’s B2B buyer isn’t valuing product videos and glossy brochures as high as one might think. Rather, decision makers want relevant insights and transformative advice, perceiving 3rd party research and articles as most valuable, as well as valuing solid ideas and proposals based on identified needs.

Three key sales content challenges

The discussion turned to getting sales content “right,” which is easier said than done. Clearly more-is-more doesn’t work. Despite more content being produced and leveraged, three key sales content challenges persist:

1) Better Identifying challenges and needs - 80% say uncovering buyer needs is critical to sales success, however 2/3rds of solution providers struggle to understand those needs. Many lack the right content to help guide discovery and discuss challenges / needs.

2) Overcoming one-size fits all content - With buyers getting 32% more content from solution providers compared to two years ago, fatigue is setting in, with many growing tired of look-alike white papers and canned product pitches.

3) Closing the value gap – For the sixth year in a row, the number one reason sales reps didn’t achieve quota is the inability to articulate unique value, partially fueled by a value content deficit.

To help solve these challenges, Tom Pisello demonstrated how storytelling, interactive content and ValueStory® tools could be leveraged for better Sales Content success.

Dynamically exploring buyer challenges and needs, personalizing value-centric messaging, delivering buyer specific business benefit calculations and elevating success stories is always a challenge, but Tom showed how this can all be automated with some great new client examples.

You can checkout the research and advice here:

You can listen to the compelling on-demand webcast here:


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