From Challenger to Transformer

Even though business conditions remain challenging and budgets are constrained, executives are investing significantly more in digital transformation initiatives.
According to new research, half of the CEOs surveyed by Gartner expect to see substantial digital transformation in their industries, or for their industries to be almost unrecognizable within five years.
This has led digital transformation to become a core business strategy, with more and more CEOs leading digital transformation efforts personally. If delegated, the CIOs as next in line to take primary responsibility for the transformation strategy and efforts, according to Gartner.
Digital Transformation Hierarchy, a progression from information governance, to digitization, to business process transformation, and ultimately business model disruption.
Competitive fears are certainly a motivator, as companies realize entire industries can be disrupted. Think Uber or AirBnB. 
However, digital transformation is also seen as an enabler, with 84% saying they expect digital change to bring higher profit margins. CEOs perceived the value of digital in their products & services is already 30% on average, and will rise to almost half (46%) within 3 years.

Sales and Marketing Implications

As you engage with customers, conversations that were once about incremental business improvements have evolved, replaced with urgent requests for advice on revolutionizing processes, improving customer experience, and implementing new business models.
Once all the rage in sales and marketing methodologies, It is not enough to just challenge the status quo.
The executive conversation has permanently and fundamentally changed, to the point where effective engagement, alignment and purchase motivation requires a digital transformation engagement model.
Digital Transformation is so strategic and essential to your executive prospects, we recommend evaluating your marketing messaging and sales approach: from Challenger to Transformer.

The Bottom Line

Challenging business as usual with Insights and education is important, but must follow with a more collaborative transformative approach: helping prospects diagnose opportunities for digitization, collaboratively engaging to rapidly uncover challenges, reimagine processes and customer experience, while identifying potential new business models and disruptions before an upstart or competitor does.
What is your strategy to evolve your messaging, tools and training beyond Challenger to Transformer?
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