Enabling Sales for your next Event? What FIS did for their FinTech 2020 Event Series

Your prospects drop by your booth at an event. Are they:
a) Disappointed by the empty sales pitch they just got
b) Impressed with the conversation, provocative advice and personalized next steps roadmap?

Unfortunately “a) an empty sales pitch” is all too common, and unacceptable when you think of how much you invest in time, travel and expense for each event.

FIS had this concern as they launched an exclusive worldwide roadshow, FinTech 2020, to discuss compelling trends and digital transformation in Financials.

Instead of a sales pitch, FIS wanted their sales reps to interview prospects and provide value-added conversations and personalized takeaways.

FIS chose Alinean to quickly develop an interactive assessment tool and have it in time for the worldwide kickoff of the event series. The FIS Fintech 2020 assessment tool helps reps learn about each prospect’s challenges, obtain sentiment on future trends, and compare responses with benchmarks from prior participants.  

At each event, the assessment is run from tablets and laptops to collect responses, show comparisons, spark engagements and fuel consultative discussions.

At the end of each interview, the sales rep uses the tool to creates and e-mail a personalized takeaway – a 6-page report, providing the prospect with their unique assessment results, benchmark comparisons, solution recommendations and next step advice. This is great, as it allows the prospect to be a mobilizer, sharing the analysis and advice with other key stakeholders and decision makers.

The assessment tool is also being leveraged for post-event marketing follow-ups, to keep customers engaged in the FinTech 2020 dialogue, and get sales reps more follow-up meetings.

What are you using to help sales engage better at your events and in follow-on meetings?
If your not taking advantage of tools like Alinean developed for the FIS events, you aren’t optimizing your event investments.

You can see the FIS Fintech 2020 Assessment Tool in action and try it for yourself at: https://fis.valuestoryapp.com/fintech


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