Is ROI Selling your Ticket to a 51% Win Rate?

Is a win rate of over 50% possible?

Recent research by CSO Insights says you can achieve this performance if your organization has a “superior ability to build a solid business case / ROI”.

CSO Insights uncovered that Win-Rates increase dramatically, and Competitive / No Decision losses decline greatly as your ROI selling capability grows. 

Those meeting or exceeding expectations with their ROI selling programs do much better than those needing improvement or redesign. In fact, moving your ROI program from basic to excellent can result in Win-Rate gains of 40% (to over 50% of deals) and reduction in Competitive and “No Decision” losses by 30%.

And the benefits don’t stop there. Those with superior ROI selling programs have:
  • A dramatically higher percentage of sales reps meeting / beating quota: 69% vs. 47%, almost a 50% increase.
  • An incredible improvement in sales reps achieving revenue plan attainment: 87% vs. 77%.
These gains are driven by increasing demand for ROI from buyers, which CSO Insights indicates has grown more than 50% over the past five years.

If you are able to meet this demand and step up your ROI game, the benefits are so dramatic, CSO Insights says value / ROI selling programs are one of the best investments a sales organization can make to improve performance.

Unfortunately, most admit that their ROI programs are underfunded and in need of improvement. Despite the overwhelming gains possible, almost 60% indicate their ROI programs need a major redesign or improvement.

Why do so many companies lag in their ROI selling performance? CSO Insights thinks it’s a lack of urgency, with ROI selling taking a backseat to other initiatives (which their own research indicates may not be nearly as effective).

Perhaps you have prioritized on-boarding, new product launches, sales asset management (SAM) or other apparently urgent programs? Our advice: stack up the impact of these programs against these metrics and see which could drive more revenue and growth.

Perhaps it’s seen as too complicated or difficult? Our advice: give us a call and we’ll show you how to cost effectively elevate your current efforts to capture these dramatic benefits.

The Bottom-Line
After seeing the incremental sales effectiveness and revenue performance, it’s hard to believe value consulting / ROI selling is getting so little attention and lackluster investments from so many.

For those who have invested in your ROI selling programs, you are realizing the benefits and competitive advantages in significantly higher win rates, accelerated sales cycles, reduced discounting and greater deal sizes.

Perhaps the time has come to take your ROI program from good to great, to realize these significant sales performance improvement and revenue gains.

Decoding the Decision Dynamic, MHI Global 
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