Follow Your Heart to Content Marketing Success

By Dan Sixsmith & Tom Pisello

Promotional Content simply doesn't work. We ignore it and become amazing filters of any content that is trying to sell us something" - Michael Brenner, NewsCred

If promotional content really does not work, then why do 93% of marketers connect their content directly to a product or service? (The Economist)

To be fair, marketers are under pressure to produce massive amounts of content, which needs to support a more complex selling environment, and engage buyers across a growing number of channels. 

With 71% of buyers disconnecting because of product centric content, what are marketers to do? (The Economist)  With Valentine's Day just around the corner, the answer may be to follow your HEART:

Help, Don't Sell: Content shouldn't be about your company and products, but about the buyer and their challenges. In fact, 75% of executives who actively seek content are researching a business idea (Economist). They need Help--not a sales pitch.

Engagement: Content needs to be interesting, entertaining and visually appealing, hence why we are seeing the "Death of the White Paper". And, shared content is the ultimate form of engagement. In fact, 83% of CMOs believe that social sharing is the primary benefit of social media marketing (The Content Code).

AuthenticityBuyers want to learn from those they believe are experts, and can quickly distinguish between a sales pitch and real consultative advice. Much like developing a new relationship, you don't ask to get married on the first date. So why does most of your content try to close the deal right away, instead of incrementally building an authentic relationship? If your content is helpful, engaging, authentic and relevant, you will begin to build a strong virtual relationship with your prospects. Effective content marketing which is customer focused, timely and relevant, will be viewed as authentic. 

Relevance- Your buyers want content that solves their problems or teaches them a new way to think about their challenges. Content is no longer king, it's Context that is King. Prospects demand that your content be relevant. Interactive content which a prospect can tailor to his issues has proven to be very effective. In fact, 64% of marketers according to eConsultancy say they want to improve personalization. Research from Demand Metric indicates that interactive content is 2x greater than passive content at converting prospects, 32% better at educating buyes and 60% superior in creating differentiation.

Trust- Only 13% of buyers believe in vendor content (IDC). There is a clearly a deficit of Trust. More effective content provides 3rd party analyst research and peer case studies around how you solved important issues successfully for others. Become a trusted source of information. 

As you develop content, it's important to measure the program against these important tips. Why? According to SiriusDecisions, almost 2/3rds of content marketing is currently squandered. 
Perhaps if you put a little more HEART in your content, you can avoid adding to the wasted time and spending!


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