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The Rise of the Value Management Office (VMO)?

B2B solution providers are realizing they need to do a better, more consistent and comprehensive job of communicating and quantifying value to ever more frugal prospects.

However, most investments are spotty and most value programs are falling short.
Does this remind you of your organization?Your Marketing works hard to develop what they believe are effective value propositions, insights and messaging, all too often without enough sales and value consultant involvement. And then, they post black-box ROI calculators for customers to use on the corporate website.Your Sales enablement creates their own set of value presentations and tools, and these often don’t align with the marketing positioning and tools. Then, the sales tools are thrown over to sales reps and channel partners without enough education, certification and support to move the needle.Value Consulting is invited into the big deals, bringing their own twist on value engagements and business cases. Customized spreadsheets…

The Importance of Getting Value Marketing and Selling Right

Checkout this new video about the #1 revenue growth challenge over the past five years, and why we need a better, more comprehensive approach to get value marketing and selling right.

Three Challenges that will Impact Your 2016 IT Sales and Marketing Plans

If you are in IT sales and marketing, there are three significant challenges of which you should be well aware when setting up your budgets and plans for 2016.
IT Spending on the Decline? First, Gartner announced mid-summer that IT spending is on the decline. A predicted anemic increase in IT spending at the beginning of 2015 has now been replaced with a 5.5% decline (compared to a paltry 1.6% growth in 2014).
Although Gartner blamed the decline on a rising dollar, we don’t buy it and have seen where prior forecast declines by Gartner were actually blamed on a declining dollar!
The real reason: We are in the era of Frugalnomics, so despite the rising importance of technology, do more with less is the mantra and Cloud / Service models are reshaping the spending landscape.
For you, an already price sensitive and competitive marketplace could get dramatically more so over the next 12 months and beyond, especially if you are in one of  five key technologies that will be most constrained:C…

Growing Value: The Value Selling and Realization Summit

Did you know ….Over 95% of B2B buyers demand proof that you’ll deliver value, demanding financial justification / ROI quantification prior to purchase approval (IDC)Yet, only 7% of buyers see your content and sales reps as value-focused (The Economist). There is a decided Value Gap between the approach buyers want you to have, and what most B2B vendors are delivering.

So how do you best evolve from empty product pitches to a more effective value selling approach?
Join us Feb 29 – Mar 1 2016 for the Value Selling and Realization Summitin Dallas TX, a gathering of leading analysts, value consultants / engineers, product marketers, sales enablement professionals and value selling solution providers, meeting for the first time to share research, best practices and experiences in order to bridge this Value Gap and Grow Value.
Featured analysts include: Jim Ninivaggi (SiriusDecisions), Joe Galvin (CSO Insights / MHI Global), Scott Santucci (Alexander Group / Forrester), Bill Kirwin (Gartne…