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The Art or Science of Sales and Marketing?

There is an ongoing debate in sales and marketing: Are the most effective marketing campaigns and sales reps relying more on art and creativity, or leveraging a more systematic and scientific approach?With the current focus on big data, a scientific approach to sales and marketing certainly has its pundits. Data is now collected and insights leveraged to learn more about buying behaviors – what works and doesn’t - helping marketers design and execute more effective and automated campaigns, and focusing sales reps on what matters most. However, those believing art has more influence point out how “big data doesn’t do the buying, humans do”. In the end it all comes down to a conversation – digitally or person-to-person – between you and your prospect.And here too, we see the debate regarding art and science. Modern decision economics argues a formula for an effective conversation – a prescriptive method to convince a buyer to “Yes”. While the neuroscience outlines an equation for effect…

Three Big Myths Debunked at SiriusDecisions Sales and Marketing Summit

Last week we had the pleasure of attending our 10th SiriusDecisions Summit in Nashville, a
gathering of over 2,300 sales and marketing professionals.

There was plenty of content, conversations and cowboy hats.

And plenty of controversy too, with SiriusDecisions taking on three big industry myths, with important new research findings:

#1 - Death of a Salesman?  Popular metrics indicate that buyers are 57% percent of the way through their purchase process before they engage a sales rep (CEB). Forrester concurred, reporting that digital experiences are replacing sales reps at a rapid pace, foretelling a 22% decline in the number of B2B sales reps over the next 5 years = a total of 1 million sales reps expected to lose their jobs.

Vice President and Group Director Marisa Kopec flat-out debunked these common industry
perspectives as “urban myth”.

The SiriusDecisions research appears thorough, involving more than 1,000 B2B executives who were involved in a significant purchase decision wit…

Roadmap for how B2B marketing and sales can use unique value to market better, stand out & sell more

Alinean releases new book: The Frugalnomics Survival GuideOn Tuesday we announced the release of a new B2B sales and marketing best practices book by CEO / founder Tom Pisello: The Frugalnomics Survival Guide – How to Use Your Unique Value to Market Better, Stand Out and Sell More.The book release is occurring at SiriusDecisions Summit 2015, an annual gathering of 3,000 sales and marketing executives in Nashville, TN.
The Frugalnomics Survival Guide is a best practices roadmap, designed for B2B marketing, sales leadership, and enablement professionals, to help transition customer conversations and engagements from product pitches to selling with value.
“Today's B2B buyer is more empowered, skeptical and frugal – more often than not sticking with status-quo, delaying purchase decisions and demanding steep discounts if and when they buy – a condition we call Frugalnomics”, according to Tom Pisello, author and CEO / founder of Alinean. “Because of these changed business conditions, yo…

SiriusDecisions and the “No Decision” Challenge

When you examine your sales pipeline and compare your wins vs. losses, research from SBI indicates that an amazing 58% of deals don’t get lost to the competition, or end up in your hands – they result in “No Decision”.

In most cases, these appeared to be good opportunities, with many interactions and touch points. So why did these deals fail to evolve to “Yes”?

With SiriusDecisions Summit 2015 just around the corner, Jim Ninivaggi the Director of SiriusDecisions' Sales Enablement practice, indicates that this is one of the top sales issues, and to overcome the challenge, you need to understand that every “No Decisions” necessarily the same:

Lost to status quo – Today’s buyer is more skeptical and frugal, a condition we call Frugalnomics. As a result, your prospect is more apt to stick with the status quo – their legacy solution and processes - versus moving forward with your proposal. Rightfully or wrongly, your sales reps did not convince the buyer that the cost of “do nothing” wa…