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Improve Your Marketing: From Passive to Interactive Content

Marketers are investing a substantial portion of their budget on content, consuming 28% of the average marketing budget, with 55% planning to increase this spending over the next year (CMI / MarketingProfs).
This large content investment is fueled by a significant increase in buyer demand for content, with two thirds (67%) of your prospects indicating they rely more on content to conduct research and help guide purchasing decisions than they did a year ago (DemandGen Report).
The value your buyers place on content, and the large investments you are making, mean that getting your content marketing mix right is more important than ever. However, marketers indicate that despite increasing investments, their number-one challenge remains producing the right type of content that effectively engages prospects and customers (54%).
More white papers, More infographics, More videos. Unfortunately, more is not more, and your buyers are overwhelmed in a sea of look-alike content. No wonder most mark…

Will Gartner's Latest IT Forecast Put a Chill in your Growth Plans?

Gartner has revised worldwide IT spending down for 2015, predicting a 1.3% YoY decline from 2014. The spending decline is likely to make winning your next deal even more competitive, and make it much harder to meet your revenue growth goals.
This latest estimate comes on the heels of Gartner RAISING forecasts to kickoff the New Year, expecting a 2.4% increase compared to 2014. This time, Gartner blames the decline on the strength of the US dollar. However it was just a couple of years ago that Gartner blamed growth headwinds on weak US currency. Unfortunately over the past five years Gartner’s growth predictions have been overly optimistic.  
We think there is a more systemic issue in the predictions: a major "sea change" in technology spending and purchase decision-making – one that could put a significant chill in your organizations‘ sales and marketing strategy.
Frugalnomics in EffectSo what are the real reasons behind the continued slow growth? We believe it is all about Fr…

Most Popular Articles (so far in 2015)

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