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Pre-Order Today: The Frugalnomics Survival Guide

Excited to announce that our new book is available for pre-order: The Frugalnomics Survival Guide How To Use Your Unique Value to Market Better, Stand Out and Sell MorePreorder your copy today:Hardcover- Edition-

Top Priority: Content Overhaulin?

On the Velocity TV show Overhaulin’, legendary car customizer Chip Foose secretly schemes with family and friends to transform an unsuspecting owner's old and tired antique car into a custom masterpiece. 
A frantic week of customizing is followed by a reveal, where the surprised owner is blown away by the results. 
New survey results indicate that sales enablement teams would love to have Foose-like services too. Not to overhaul their cars, but to remake their old and tired content.
Overhauling Sales Content was the top priority, this according to a poll of proposal managers and sales enablement professionals at the Qvidian Connect conference this week in San Antonio.
From the audience of over 400 it was clear that the Content sales reps were using (or not using) was the priority focus this year.
So what were the top Content Management priorities?Purging, to get rid of older irrelevant content, because so much of it is dated, overwhelming, and frankly, not used.Aligning the conten…

Ponos and Chronos – Ancient Advice to Drive Modern Sales Success?

At a recent sales training, I had the pleasure of having Demetrios Miras in the class. Being of Greek heritage, Demetrios approached me after the session to tell me how much he liked the discussions about Aristotle, and how proud he was about how much the ancient Greeks could teach us about modern selling.
Indeed, 2,600 years ago Aristotle taught us three important ways to “win friends and influence people,” and amazingly, these three ancient “selling” techniques align perfectly with the three “buy buttons” of the brain, as revealed by modern neuroscience:Logos (Logic) and the New brain (Neocortex) - use of reasoning to convince your buyer and the conscious portion of their decision-making, that the purchase is rational. Financial justification is vital to win over your buyer, proving that the “cost of do nothing” is untenable and the return on investment (ROI) is substantial and quick.Pathos (Emotion) and the Reptilian Brain (Cerebellum) – use of simple visuals, contrast and storytell…

Death of a Salesman? Forrester says Yes (at least 1 in 5 at risk)!

Despite a growing economy, research indicates that there will be over 1 million less B2B sales reps employed in 2020 compared to today.
At the recent Forrester’s Sales Enablement Forum , a study by Andy Hoar, Principal Analyst at Forrester, was revealed showcasing this 22% expected decline over the next five years.
Based on what types of sales reps you have in your organization, this could mean guiding them to a new career and certainly retooling their skill set. Forrester outlined four archetypes, and which ones are at most risk:Order takers – transactional B2B sales reps are most at risk of being displaced by an online buying experience that makes it easy to obtain personalized recommendations, price / configure and purchase, often creating less friction in the buying process when compared to working with the Order Taker.Explainers – who have been leveraged in the past to convey information about various solutions, are next most at risk due to buyers being able to find this relevant…

Mastering the Consensus Sale: Do you know your 5.4?

By Dan SixsmithThe creators of the 'Challenger Sale' are back with a new wrinkle. Not only should Sales challenge its prospects, armed with new intelligence and personalized insights to win more business, but now the research shows it also needs to proactively identify and build consensus among all of the decision makers. CEB's research around the increasing role of buying committees tells us that there are an average of 5.4 individuals involved in signing off on a typical B2B purchase decisions. Those sales execs who successfully uncover the identities of and build consensus with 'the 5.4' in their deals are winning more business today.First, despite an improving business climate, there is still an overallslant toward risk aversion. Not many individuals want to stick their necks out alone. Further, CEB says that the selling organizations themselves have some culpability for the rise of the decision-by-committee process. Many companies have unknowingly elongated th…

3 Big Takeaways from SiriusDecisions Sales Leadership Exchange

I had the pleasure of attending SiriusDecisions Sales Leadership Exchange last week, an exclusive gathering of some 120 sales executives and sales enablement leaders.
The two-day conference featured top analysts and proven practitioners, discussing how to best achieve intelligent growth. Here are my three top takeaways:
#1:  Disrupt or Die
Technology is advancing quickly, and if you don’t leverage these advances to disrupt the way your sales reps and channel partners engage with customers, you yourself may be disrupted instead, this according to the futurist and author James Canton. (@futureguru).
The key? Celebrate experimentation, as a Trend Setter (leading the way off the beaten path) and Adapter (someone who is always eager to learn something new), versus a Traditionalist or Maintainer, (clinging to and preserving the status-quo, to the detriment of the organizations long term health and viability).
One of the trends James Canton highlighted is the evolution of your buyers. They a…