Thursday, November 19, 2015

SiriusDecisions: Top 4 Ways to Get your Value Selling Program Right

You’ve invested a lot of time and effort in developing your B2B value selling / ROI tools and program,  But the evolution from product to value can have its challenges. trying to get your sales reps and specialists to better communicate and quantify your unique value.

So how do you know if your getting it right, and where your program might have gotten off-track? 

I posed this question to Jim Ninivaggi, the Practice Leader of SiriusDecisions Sales Enablement Practice in a recent webcast interview – Why You Have to Get Value Selling Right.  

His answer was wise, simple and straightforward, consisting of just 4 simple questions you can ask your team to assure that you’re sales reps and specialists get it and are on their way to success.

Regarding your sales reps and consultants, and the use of your value selling tools and program:

1) Do they know what job needs to be done, and why? – Are your reps and consultants:
a.     Conscious that they have to change their approach, know the cost of “do nothing”, and understand personally what’s in it for them (WIFM)? 
b.     Aware that there are tools and concierge services  available to make it easier than ever to do value discovery, guide conversations, crunch the numbers and produce stunning personalized presentations and proposals for each unique prospect?

2) Can they do the job? -  Have they been through training on your value selling methodology and tool kit? Have they practiced engagements in a safe environment and been certified?

3) Are they doing the job? – Are they using the value selling approach and tools, verified with tracking and reports? Are they leveraging your value consultants, service desk and sales support to take advantage of available help.? Are first line managers promoting and assisting with the new approach

4) Are they getting the right results? – Had the needle moved on your key success indicators including:
a.     Increased competitive win rates and reduction in deals ending in “no decision”
b.     Increased deal size and reduced discounting
c.      Reduced sales cycles
d.     Improved quota performance and reduced new-hire ramp up time.

According to Jim, it's easier but not enough to launch and forget. You need to be sure the answer is “Yes” to four key enablement questions for your value / ROI selling program.  The key: Examine your sales reps and specialists readiness with 4 simple questions, so you can assure value selling program success.

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