What do Aristotle and Neuroscience have to do with B2B Sales and Marketing?

Today's B2B buyer is more in-control, cautious and economic-focused - delaying purchase decisions and demanding steep discounts. 
In the face of a more frugal buyer, sales reps and marketers are evolving from pitching products to articulating value in order to effectively communicate and quantify the buyer s challenges and the value of proposed solutions. However, the passage from product to value has not been an easy one for most.
What if you had a roadmap to guide you on this difficult journey?
The Frugalnomics Survival Guide is designed to help you navigate from pitching products to marketing and selling with value, fueling your expedition, highlighting the best path, and illuminating the dangers so you can survive the journey.

And most importantly, you will learn what Aristotle and Neuroscience have to do with better b2b sales and marketing!
Checkout this video from the author, the "ROI Guy": Tom Pisello - http://ow.ly/T7hCd


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