Thursday, September 10, 2015

Growing Value: The Value Selling and Realization Summit

Did you know ….
  • Over 95% of B2B buyers demand proof that you’ll deliver value, demanding financial justification / ROI quantification prior to purchase approval (IDC)
  • Yet, only 7% of buyers see your content and sales reps as value-focused (The Economist).
There is a decided Value Gap between the approach buyers want you to have, and what most B2B vendors are delivering.

So how do you best evolve from empty product pitches to a more effective value selling approach?

Join us Feb 29 – Mar 1 2016 for the Value Selling and Realization Summit in Dallas TX, a gathering of leading analysts, value consultants / engineers, product marketers, sales enablement professionals and value selling solution providers, meeting for the first time to share research, best practices and experiences in order to bridge this Value Gap and Grow Value.

Featured analysts include: Jim Ninivaggi (SiriusDecisions), Joe Galvin (CSO Insights / MHI Global), Scott Santucci (Alexander Group / Forrester), Bill Kirwin (Gartner / Father of TCO), Randy Perry (IDC) and our own Tom Pisello (the ROI Guy / ex-Gartner).

Featured value experts include: John Foster (, David Breaugh (SAP), Cheik Daddah and Scott Sendel (Oracle), Michael Mitterer (IBM), Doug May (Splunk), and Jack Keen (Author / ROI Institute).

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