Top Priority: Content Overhaulin?

On the Velocity TV show Overhaulin’, legendary car customizer Chip Foose secretly schemes with family and friends to transform an unsuspecting owner's old and tired antique car into a custom masterpiece. 

A frantic week of customizing is followed by a reveal, where the surprised owner is blown away by the results. 

New survey results indicate that sales enablement teams would love to have Foose-like services too. Not to overhaul their cars, but to remake their old and tired content.

Overhauling Sales Content was the top priority, this according to a poll of proposal managers and sales enablement professionals at the Qvidian Connect conference this week in San Antonio.

From the audience of over 400 it was clear that the Content sales reps were using (or not using) was the priority focus this year.

So what were the top Content Management priorities?
  • Purging, to get rid of older irrelevant content, because so much of it is dated, overwhelming, and frankly, not used.
  • Aligning the content with the buyer’s journey and the sales motions, so the right content is proactively recommended for each step in the process.
  • Personalizing presentations, proposals and other content, because buyers don’t like generic, instead demanding more relevant insights, discovery, advice, recommendations, financial justification and case studies/ success stories to match their unique profile and needs.

Most organizations were also launching more new products this year, indicated as the top business driver for change.

And with these new products, inevitably comes more content, making it more important to purge outdated / unused assets,, as well as providing a great opportunity to create content that is aligned with what today’s buyer wants – more focused on the prospect’s unique challenges and business value versus a product pitch,  and providing ways to make the content much more personalized and interactive.

There is sensitivity to the customer: how they have evolved and are demanding different, more personalized content.  But with this demand also comes a realization that sales enablement teams have to  “do more with less” , because enablement budgets have not increased even as more reps have been added and customer demands have increased.

On Overhaulin’, when Foose gets an antique to makeover, he first has to cut back a lot of rust and outdated design elements, and then goes to work crafting a cleaner, absolutely stunning one-of-a-kind  show car.

When everything is said and done, getting the deal comes down to this: "Does the Salesperson understand the prospect’s business issues and can they clearly articulate the solution and the value delivered?".  For Content Overhaulin’ to be successful it too has to go beyond just a cut and purge: to create more personalized value-focused content and recommendations to help sales improve each unique conversation and proposal.


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