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Surviving Frugalnomics: Top 5 Articles in 2014

From our Frugalnomics Survival Guide blog, the articles you voted as the most popular and important in 2014:

5 Tips for Crafting Provocative E-Mails That Work!
SiriusDecisions Interview: From Pitching Products to Selling Value
The New ABCs of Selling: Always Be Challenging
Gartner: The Technology Sales Rep Lost Their Mojo
Aristotles’s Persuasions and the Neuroscience of Purchase Decisions
Thanks for your continued interest and support. Here's to helping you not just survive, but thrive in 2015!
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Alinean launches free on-line ROI calculators and assessments for Sales, Marketing and IT

New “I Want My ROI” portal helps executives benchmark spending and identify performance improvement opportunities
We are happy to announce the release of a new portal “I Want My ROI“, with a collection of free online return on investment (ROI) calculators and assessment tools, helping executives to benchmark spending, assess performance and drive business improvements.
The free ROI calculator and assessment tools available from the portal include:Marketing Calculator – analyzes marketing strategies and spending versus competitive benchmarks and delivers financial calculators to help in improvement planning and driving better marketing effectiveness.Sales Effectiveness Calculator – assesses current sales management and enablement spending and practices, to quantify the current cost of “do nothing” and the financial benefits of various best practice improvements.Sales Enablement Maturity Assessment – developed in conjunction with Sales Enablement Group ( to …

Value Selling and the Buyer’s Journey: 3 Conversations to Get "Do Nothing" to "Yes"

As your prospects begin and advance through their purchase decision making process, at each stage they have different motivation and need progressive guidance to advance through each step.  
Fail to provide that guidance and the purchase decision likely stalls (where 58% of the deals end up at "No Decision" according to Sales Benchmark Index) or the decision goes to your competitor who does a better job at facilitating the buying decision.
With today’s new breed of buyer, it is vital to not just pitch products, but facilitate the buyer’s journey: sequentially delivering the provocative messaging, insights, financial justification and differentiation to advance from “Do Nothing” to “Yes”.
To be successful, you need to have the right conversation and deliver the right content depending on the buyer journey stage, in order to help buyer’s overcome their fears and motivate a more timely and positive purchase decision. Your value messaging, tools and training all need to be desig…

Why Engaging Buying Committees is Your Key to 2015 Sales Success

By Dan Sixsmith and Tom Pisello

Did you know that...Only 59% of sales reps will achieve their quota this year, down sharply from 67% last year ? (Accenture)The #1 criteria for making a purchasing decision is widespread support for you and your company across your prospect’s organization? (CEB)At the enterprise level, there are as many as 10 members in the buying decision committee? (IDC)The reality is that with more decision makers, your deals are getting more complicated, and as a result your opportunities are getting stalled, and those that close are taking longer to get approved.
According to IDC, the number of decision makers  involved in your deals has increased by 40% over the past 3 years, a direct fallout from the Great Recession and “Frugalnomics” – a condition where buyers are more risk-averse and require compelling financial justification to consider your solution versus remaining with the status quo.
Here are our recommendations on how you can connect and engage more decision…

SiriusDecisions Interview - From Pitching Products to Selling Value

Recently we had the pleasure of interviewing Jim Ninivaggi, the Practice Director for Sales Enablement with leading sales and marketing research firm SiriusDecisions.

The discussions focused on the latest SiriusDecisions sales enablement research and why it is so important to review and adjust current sales enablement strategies and investments in order to be effective in 2015.
We hear a lot about Sales being under more pressure in the coming year. What does SiriusDecision’s research indicate as the top business issue for sales in 2015?
SiriusDecisions conducts research each year on what is top of mind for sales leaders: what practices are most important and the biggest challenges.
For the past four years sales executives have consistently indicated that the top issue remains “The inability for our sellers to articulate value to buyers”, this from a whopping 71% of the respondents.
For a top issue to stay as such for four years in a row is somewhat surprising, and we are not sure why …