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5 Tips for Crafting Provocative E-Mails That Work!

Did you know that:
Your prospects receive 32% more marketing campaigns and emails than just two years ago.94% of customers have disengaged w/ a vendor because they received irrelevant or poorly crafted email messages / marketing campaigns.You want to connect and engage with new prospects, especially earlier in their decision making process, so you are using emails /  LinkedIn in-mails to reach out...But as the research indicates, its harder than ever to break through the noise, and vital that you get your messages right to avoid permanent turn-off / disengagement.
So how do you craft provocative sales emails that will help you better connect, and importantly, get your prospects to take positive action?
Here’s our top five tips for getting your emails just right:
#1 - You had me at hello
I received three sales emails today that had all too common openers.
The first: “Are you available this week for a meeting”? . My immediate reaction – Heck no, I can’t keep up with my current meetings much …

New Interactive Marketing Tool Platform to Better Articulate and Quantify Value to Prospects

Alinean ValueStory® Cloud enhanced to create and deliver interactive online value marketing toolsAlinean is happy to announce a significant update to our ValueStory® Cloud, adding point-and-click creation and delivery of online value marketing tools, including personalized value storybooks, provocative interactive infographics, insightful diagnostic assessments and engaging ROI calculators.According to SiriusDecisions, the average B2B buyer receives 32% more marketing campaigns than just 2 years ago.  As a result of this overload, traditional marketing campaigns using content such as static white papers are becoming less effective."Research shows that in order to capture more leads and meet revenue growth goals, marketers must stand out from the crowd," says Tom Pisello, CEO / Founder of Alinean and well known as the ROI Guy. "ValueStory provides the first Cloud platform for marketers to easily create and deliver more interactivity, personalized insights and customized …

The Modern Day Social Seller: Buyers are More Empowered, But So Are You!

By Dan Sixsmith and Tom Pisello

The research and the reality: B2B buyers are more empowered than ever, using the Internet and social media to research your company, products, services, customers, team, history and competitors - self propelling themselves toward a purchase decision. 

It is no wonder that sales reps being engaged later in the decision making process, with 67% of buyers having a clear picture of the solution they want before sales reps are engaged (SiriusDecisions).  

At the same time, Forrester reports that earlier engagement is more important than ever - with 74% of the deals going to the solution provider that is able to help the prospect identify the top priority issues to address and establish the buying agenda (versus only 26% going to the rep who can win the bake-off).

Today, the successful sales rep needs to find new ways to provocatively engage earlier, and if engaging later, frame the decisions to go their way.

Here's how the top sales teams are dealing with thi…

Gartner Raises IT Spending Forecasts – Time to Party Like its 1999?

According to Gartner, worldwide IT spending growth has been revised upwards to 2.6% for 2014. This is good news, and is the first time in three years that Gartner is revising its growth predictions up versus down mid-year.

Although the current forecast is lower than the original 3.2% increase predicted at the start of the year, it is higher than the 2.1% annual growth indicated from the Spring update, led by healthier investments in devices, security and data center systems.
Gartner predicts modest go forward growth into 2015 and beyond, between 3-4% annually through 2018, a far cry from the double-digit growth in the tech-booming 90s.
For technology solution / service providers, revenue growth remains a challenge. Moreover, a major "sea change" has occurred in technology spending and purchase decision-making - with significant implications for your organizations sales and marketing strategy.
Frugalnomics in EffectSo what are the real reasons behind the continued slow growth? We…