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Your Unique Value: Solution Focused versus Challenge Centric?

With all the choices available to buyers, it is important to communicate how your solution is unique.
Many times, when organizations try to articulate the differentiating value of their solutions, they start with a “solutions first approach”, communicating each feature they perceive as a differentiator and the value these features might deliver.
What your marketing and sales enablement teams might not fully realize is that:Product / service differentiators are fleeting, especially today where new product launches are faster than ever before and solutions are quickly commoditized. (SiriusDecisions).A whopping 76% of the deals don’t go to the company that wins the competitive bake-off, where features make a difference, rather the win goes to the solution provider who engages early to help the buyer establish the buying agenda (Forrester).The buyer doesn’t really care about your solution and how different you perceive it to be until they recognize they have a serious enough challenge to a…