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How can you CLOSE the Value Gap?

Today’s buyer is more empowered, skeptical and frugal than ever before – a condition called Frugalnomics. This new breed of buyer doesn’t care about when you were founded, how many customers you have, how quickly you are growing, your latest product release and new features. They want to know exactly how you can help them solve their particular challenges, and the bottom-line impact you can deliver. Today, it’s all about the Benjamins.
While at the same time, sales and marketing hasn’t evolved quickly enough to keep pace with a changed buyer.  Look at the typical PowerPoint deck or sit in on most sales calls and it’s all about the company, products, features and price and little about the prospect’s unique challenges and value potential. And you are not alone in your observations:A meager 10% of buyers report that sales reps are value-focused, with most still using a less than effective product pitch approach (Forrester)Solution provider executives report that the #1 issue for revenue …

50 Ways to Prove Your Value!

We've completed a great number of value marketing / selling campaigns and tools for industry leaders worldwide - 50+ of which we are featuring here in our customer showcase.

Value Sales / Consulting Tools - checkROI / TCO Calculators - you betcha!Diagnostic Assessment Tools - yes got em too
You can get some great ideas by seeing what other B2B sales and marketing leaders are doing, and examining these great value storytelling / insight / justification tools in action.

Checkout these tangible success stories / ideas for evolving your value marketing / selling capabilities -

How do you Develop and Communicate your Unique Business Benefits?

Are your sales and channel reps struggling to effectively communicate the unique value of your solutions to prospects?
If you answered “Yes”, you are not alone. While buyers are scrutinizing proposals with a keen eye on value / ROI, the average rep still reverts to a less than effective product centric sales pitch – focusing on your product, features and price vs. the buyer challenges and the differentiated value you can deliver in helping overcome these challenges.
The Value Gap – an inability for sales reps to effectively communicate value – is the top issue for B2B solution providers and indicated as such by a whopping 71% of execs in a recent SiriusDecisions survey. This is the 4th straight year that the Value Gap has been named as the top issue, making it an absolute imperative to put more time and effort into addressing this challenge.
In order to “Mind the Value Gap”, it is essential that marketing and sales develop and deliver the right value messaging and quantification – guidi…

Several Experienced Value Experts Added to the Alinean Team

We are excited to announce the addition of several key Value Experts to the Alinean team, expanding our capability to deliver more effective value messaging, interactive tools and sales training for B2B solution providers.

Marc Salzman joins Alinean as VP Products, helping define and drive Value Matrix™ messaging services, the Alinean ValueStory® product roadmap, and development and launch of new Value Expert™ sales and channel partner training services. Before joining the Alinean team, Marc was a customer of Alinean’s at IBM, where he served as World-Wide Information Governance Strategy Consultant and Sales Lead. Prior to IBM, Marc ran Oracle’s Insight Program, an offering designed to demonstrate to clients the business value of Oracle’s technology solutions. Ron Paxton joins Alinean as a Principal Analyst, working hand in hand with B2B sales and marketing leaders to develop highly effective value messaging, tools and training. In his new role with Alinean, Ron leverages his years of …