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CFOs are Large and in Charge of Tech Purchase Decisions?

CFOs are now more influential and more in charge over IT spending decisions, this according to a recent article from Baseline Magazine.
Studies by Gartner concur, revealing a 44% increase in CFO influence over IT purchase decisions. Over 41% of CFOs indicate that they are now the leader of the group responsible for IT investments and 26% of IT investments are directly authorized by CFOs (with only 5% by CIOs).
There are three key factors you should be aware of that are driving more CFO control:Disruptive - CFOs believe that disruptive technologies can drive growth, with CFOs involved in spending decisions for big data, cloud computing, mobile and social media as growth enablers.Risk – If you get technology wrong, it has a bigger impact on the business. Just ask Target about the impact of their security breach and its no wonder why CFOs are more involved.Frugalnomics - We are still operating in a “Do more with Less” economy, with the CFO assuring that precious investments like you are pr…

Oops They Did it Again! Gartner Downgrades Overly Optimistic IT Spending Forecast

According to Gartner, worldwide IT spending was expected to reach $3.8 trillion in 2014, a 3.2% increase from 2013 spending levels.
Although the forecast at the beginning of the year predicted healthy growth for 2014, these same Gartner forecasts have been overly optimistic the past two years. And sure enough, Gartner had to once again lower their forecasts substantially.
According to their latest predictions, Gartner estimates that spending will rise only 2.1% for 2014, down over 34% from the 3.2% growth rate Gartner had predicted at the beginning of the year.
Examining their 2013 predictions, Gartner indicated IT spending would grow 4.2% for the year. When the dust settled on 2013, the IT spending growth was a mere 0.4%. 
In 2012, initial rosy predictions of 3.7% growth were never realized, coming in around 1% by year-end; This despite the economy improving slowly over the same time frame.
Looking back at the reasons for the forecast shortfalls, Gartner indicated economic headwinds, a sh…