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Qvidian & Alinean Announce Strategic Partnership to Deliver Comprehensive Sales Execution Solutions

Partnership Helps Companies Overcome Their Selling Challenges to Close More Business Faster

CHELMSFORD, MA and ORLANDO, FL – June 24, 2014 -Qvidian, the innovator insales execution solutions, and Alinean, the leading creator of interactive B2B value selling and marketing tools, today announced their strategic partnership to help companies overcome the sales challenges of better communicating value during the selling process in order to accelerate their revenue growth.
According to SiriusDecisions, the number one reason sales teams fail to meet quota is their lack of effectively articulating value to prospects. Unfortunately, only 1 in 10 sales reps have made the transition from pitching products to engaging prospects with value according to Forrester Research, and 60 percent of buyers disengage with sales because reps do not communicate compelling value according to Qvidian’s recent Sales Execution Trends report.In an environment where leaders want to drive profitable revenue growth, i…

SiriusDecisions Research: Longer Sales Cycles Drive Need for Change


It’s all Greek to Me

Your sales and marketing investments are intended to persuade and move buyers to action?  However, 60% of your pipeline is likely not moving towards closure, instead stalled at “Do Nothing”. 
With this "Do More with Less" economy, where frugal buyers reign, the majority of your prospects are choosing to remain with their legacy practices and solutions versus saying “Yes” to your proposal.
So what can you do to ignite buyers to take action?
Believe it or not, the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle documented the perfect way to ignite buyer cycles over 2,300 years ago.  The secret lies with Pathos, Logos, and Ethos:
Pathos – appeal to the emotions. To make a more emotionally charged impression, clearly quantify the pains and risks of the status quo, such as the “cost of doing nothing”.  Make it visual and personal.  Show contrast.
Logos – appeal to logic and reason. Address the strategic and financial benefits that can be gained, including the ROI, key performance metrics and quan…

Alinean and Sales Enablement Group Launch Free Sales Enablement Assessment Tool

Empowers Sales & Marketing Executives to Quickly Benchmark Sales Enablement Maturity Versus Peers
Alinean and the Sales Enablement Group, an online thought leadership resource and community for Sales Enablement professionals, today announced the release of a free Sales Enablement Maturity Assessment Tool.
The SEG Sales Enablement Assessment Tool provides a quick way to determine the current level of sales enablement maturity, and compare current practices and gaps versus peers.

The Value Gap: SiriusDecisions Summit Reveals Top Sales Challenge for 2014

If you were able to attend SiriusDecisions’ Summit, the Woodstock for marketing and sales enablement held this year in our hometown of Orlando, you were treated to significant research results as to the biggest challenges Sales faces over the next year.
The top challenges were not what most expected: Not the need for more leads, the ability for sales to find more content, new social selling skills, or more sales training.
Instead, the study results revealed that the Value Gap is by far the top challenge, indicated by a whopping 71% of execs as their top issue for 2014.
In the research, SiriusDecisions indicates a clear inability for Sales Reps to effectively articulate the value of their solutions.
Unfortunately, sales reps are not transitioning quickly enough from pitching products, to selling value - how recommended solutions solve top business challenges. The majority are struggling to connect their offerings to client business issues and quantifiable benefits. Clearly something n…