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Interview: Guided Selling with Storytelling, Insights and Financial Justification

An interview with Dario Priolo, Chief Strategy Officer for Richardson, a leading training and sales effectiveness firm.

Research indicates that sales reps are being engaged later and later into the decision making process?
Yes, there are several studies that point out how sales reps are being invited later into the decision making process.
SiriusDecisions has what I feel is the best metric, pointing out that that 67% of buyers are already decided on their solution prior to rep engagement.

And research from Forrester indicates that the late engagement could have serious impacts on win rates?
Yes, Forrester recently published at their annual Sales Enablement Summit that 74% of deals go to the sales rep who can help decision makers set the buying agenda, while only 26% of the deals went to the vendor who wins the competitive bake-off.
This means that engaging earlier is more important than ever, to proactively establish the challenges to address, vision for solution, and specific buying crite…

Why the Increased IT Spending Growth Forecasts from Gartner are Wrong Again!

According to Gartner, worldwide IT spending is on pace to reach $3.8 trillion in 2014, a 3.2% increase from 2013 spending levels (and a 0.1% uplift from the last forecast published in Q1).
Although the forecast predicts healthy growth for 2014, these same Gartner forecasts have been overly optimistic the past two years.
Examining their 2013 predictions, Gartner indicated IT spending would grow 4.2% for the year. When the dust settled on 2013, the IT spending growth was a mere 0.4%. 

In 2012, initial rosy predictions of 3.7% growth were never realized, coming in around 1% by year-end. This despite the economy improving slowly over the same time frame.
Looking back at the reasons for the forecast shortfalls, Gartner indicated economic headwinds, a shift from land-lines to mobile, even blaming exchange rate fluctuations.
We don’t buy these reasons for the forecast shortfalls, and believe that Gartner has missed a major "sea change" in IT spending and decision-making in their forecas…