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Gartner: The Technology Sales Rep Has Lost Their Mojo!

As technology buyers have changed, now more knowledgeable, empowered and in control of the purchase decision process, technology sales reps have not evolved to keep pace, this according to a recent article by Gartner.
Unfortunately, a survey of buyers indicates that the vast majority of sales reps are adding little value to IT buyer decision making. Gartner research showed that Sales came in last place after Technical and Industry Expert, Service and Support and Senior Executives as ‘the most influential personal interactions across the entire buying cycle’.
The Gartner research highlights the Value Gap – between customers who, have become much more educated and financially focused, and sales reps that sell the same way they did in the past.
The evidence? Sales reps are being invited later and later into the decision making process, with research (from SiriusDecisions) indicating that 67% of buyers already have a “clear picture” of the solution they want before Sales Reps are engaged. An…

What is the Most Valued Content for IT Decision Makers?

Today’s buyer is more empowered than ever before, leveraging content from the Internet, discussion groups and social media to take charge of the purchase decision-making process. As a result:SiriusDecisions reports that up to 67% of decision-makers already have a “clear picture” of the solution they want before Sales Reps are engaged.Content marketing plays a more pivotal role – influencing decisions before reps are involved, and fueling reps' customer conversations when they are eventually engaged.With the value of content marketing on the rise, the researchers at IDC’s CMO Advisory became curious, prompting the team to ask: “If content has become so valuable to buyers in facilitating purchase decisions, then what content do these decision makers perceive as the most valuable?".

The question was posed as a key portion of IDC’s annual 2013 IT Buyer Experience Study, surveying over 200 executive decision makers worldwide.
The results showed that in the later stages when sales re…

Alinean launches upgraded ValueStory Guided Value-Selling App

Empowers B2B Sales Reps to have better customer conversations
Alinean announces an important v3.0 upgrade to ValueStory, the first guided value-selling app.
B2B sales reps leverage the ValueStory app as a replacement for traditional one-way presentations, helping to fuel more relevant, effective, value-focused customer conversations that engage today's tougher B2B buyers.
ValueStory does this by helping reps prepare for and deliver provocative insights, interactive financial justification / ROI / TCO calculators and storytelling that connects the value of their solutions to the unique challenges of their buyers. The latest ValueStory upgrades in v3.0 include:
•Increased Personalization - to precisely tune value messaging, storytelling and quantification based on a prospect's answers to surveys, assessments and discovery questions as well as company profile (industry, location and size).•More Tailoring – to create customized conversation elements, including collaboration with pros…

Research: Improving Value Conversations Key to Sales Execution

Over 60% of buyers are disengaging with sales teams because the sales reps didn't present value or really understand the buyers' business challenges, this according to the Sales Execution Trends study of 200 worldwide sales leaders by our partner Qvidian.Although the research indicates that increasing revenue goals and new sales headcount is the trend, a fundamental issue exists that will prevent many from achieving their growth goals and squandering sales headcount investments:On one side, we have prospects that have fundamentally and permanently changed – now more empowered, skeptical and frugal than ever before – Frugalnomics in full effect.On the other, a traditional selling approach that hasn't evolved from one-size fits all product-centric pitches to value conversations and requisite quantification.
A significant Value Gap exists today between buyer and seller. It all comes down to your rep’s ability to execute, and this execution is all about the customer conversatio…