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Show Me the Money

The importance  of financial justification/ ROIproof for proposed solutions has increased further, this according to research by IDC.

Today, 95% of decision makers require a business value analysis on some / all of investments.

Organizations are more risk averse and frugal than ever, a condition termed Frugalnomics, demanding diligence and assurances that proposed investments deliver a tangible bottom-line impact, positive returns and a quick payback.

As project size grows, it should be no surprise that the demand for financial justification increases, in proportion to the risk. Over 85% of projects over $50,000 now require a formal business case.

Although financial justification / ROI is required, most buyers struggle with the numbers. According to IDC, 2/3rds of buyers indicate they don’t have the knowledge, research metrics or tools needed to do ROI / business value calculations. Relying on the prospect to on their own develop the business case can lead to significant delays in the dec…

Mind the Value Gap

On one side, we have B2B buyers that have dramatically and permanently changed as a result of Frugalnomics:More Empowered – leveraging the Internet and social groups to self-educatate on your solution and the competition, taking ever more control of knowledge flows and engagement process.More Risk Averse – In a “do more with less” economy, decision makers don’t want to make a mistake. Decision by committee is the norm, involving 43% more stakeholders in each decision compared to just 3 years ago; an average of 8 in a typical purchase decision (IDC)More Frugal – With stakeholders now focused on financial outcomes, and Finance formally involved in the process, 95% require formal financial justification on any proposal(IDC). On the other side, we have content marketing and sales methods that have not evolved quickly enough to meet the new buyer challenge:
Marketing continues to revert to product centric messaging, and rely on one-size-fits-all white papers that don’t deliver the value mes…

Frugalnomics – Why the IT spending growth forecasts from Gartner are wrong again!

According to Gartner, the annual release of their New Year’sspending forecast predicts global IT spending growth of 3.1% for 2014. However, as has been proven over the past two years, this forecast may be dramatically optimistic.
Examining their 2013 predictions, Gartner indicated IT spending would rise 4.2% for the year. When the dust settled on 2013, the IT spending growth was a mere 0.4%. In 2012, initial rosy predictions of 3.7% growth were never realized, coming in around 1% by year-end.

Looking back at the reasons for the forecast shortfalls, Gartner indicates economic headwinds, a shift from land-lines to mobile, even blaming exchange rate fluctuations.We don’t buy it, and believe that Gartner has missed a major sea change in IT spending and decision-making in their forecasts. For IT solution providers who may be using these forecasts to invest in a turnaround for 2014 revenues, another flat year could have significant implications for your organizations and your career.


Top 3: Key Research to Drive Your New Year Success

How well prepared are you to meet your 2014 sales and marketing goals? 
Several analysts published important B2B sales and marketing research in 2013 that could impact your plans. Here's a round-up of the top 3 research findings and important advice to help you drive success in the New Year:
Sales Revenue Growth for 2014? More of the Same Won’t Deliver Results In your 2014 plans, you likely have some significant revenue growth targets for the New Year.
To hit these targets you will have to do more, with most organizations investing in three key areas to try and drive results: More Sales RepsMore TrainingMore Traditional Content
But research from SiriusDecisions and Forrester indicate that these well intentioned investments may not deliver expected returns.

Gartner says Buyers Have Changed. IT Sales and Marketing Strategies Are Lagging If you are in IT sales and marketing, this article is for you. According to …