New Sales Training Helps Evolve B2B Vendors from Product Pitches to Value Selling

Alinean Launches Value Expert™ Sales Training to Help Reps Engage Earlier and Sell More Effectively
Today we announced the launch of Value Expert™ Sales Training, an important milestone.
Consisting of how-to training videos and advancing to a one-day instructor led workshop and certification program, the Value Expert Sales Training is designed to help sales reps improve their customer conversations, evolving from a typical company / product-focused pitch to a more collaborative and effective challenge / value-focused approach.
“A Value Gap exists today between sales reps and prospects, with 60% of buyers disengaging because their sales rep failed to effectively articulate value,” says Tom Pisello, CEO and Founder of Alinean. “Our launch of Value Expert Sales Training provides the skills that reps need to bridge the Value Gap and advance to a more effective value-selling approach.”
Value Expert Sales Training starts with videos designed to teach sales reps and channel partners new value conversation techniques, storytelling, quantification and tools.
The training advances to instructor-led workshops, including the following important topics:
  • Why is Value Selling Important to You?
  • The Neuroscience of Decision Making
  • Anatomy of a Business Decision
  • How to Communicate Your Value?
  • Value Messaging for Provocative Prospecting
  • ValueStory® Tool Basics
  • ValueStory Certification
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Resources and Help

“Much has been invested in new methods, trying to shift sales reps and channel partners from product pitches to value selling,” says Jim Ninivaggi, Practice Director of Sales Enablement for sales / marketing advisory firm SiriusDecisions. “Unfortunately, a new method is not enough alone to drive change, as sales reps also need the messaging, tools and hands-on training to evolve customer conversations and sell more effectively.”
Alinean offers two additional services to the Value Expert Sales Training, which are key to improving the adoption of the value selling skills taught in the classroom:
  •  Value Messaging, developing the storytelling, insights and justification to fuel value conversations, and
  •  ValueStory® Sales Tools, used by sales reps and channel partners interactively with customers, to bring the Value Messaging to life, providing guided value storytelling and quantification.

“When evolving your selling approach, sales reps and channel partners need capability, competence and confidence in order to be successful,” says Tom Pisello, CEO and founder of Alinean. “The Value Expert Sales Training course, combined with Alinean Value Messaging and ValueStory® solutions, provides a full set of value content, conversations and third-party credibility to ensure success.”
You can learn more about the Value Expert Sales Training at:

Click here to see the press announcement.


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