What is Wasted Selling Time Costing You?

There is a common complaint amongst sales reps: “We spent way too little of our time actually selling.”

And the complaints are real.  According to CSO Insights, up to 60% of sales time is spent on overhead versus selling time with customers. Only 2 out of every 5 sales days are actually spent selling!

Instead of meeting with customers in person, on the phone and in on-line meetings, many Sales reps are often saddled with inefficient internal processes and tasks. 

Now some of the non-selling time is inevitable; as there will always be important overhead tasks including account research, travel time, reporting and internal meetings / coordination.

But if you were to examine your own sales reps time allocation, there are sure to be many tasks that could be streamlined and automated.

In our own research, we have come across some key “time sucks” that are costing precious selling time and can be eliminated with a modest investment.

Did you know that for each of your sales reps, on average spend:
  • 2 hours / week customizing PowerPoint presentation decks and proposals,
  • 1 hours / week looking for key collateral and resources to share w/ prospects, or recreating content that already exists but is difficult to find and leverage,
  •  1 hour per week developing financial justification / business cases, which are now a requirement on most deals.

The research indicates that almost a half a day each week is spent on finding, customizing and creating value communications and quantification, a vital requirement of every sale, but time that could easily be automated.

This totals 24 lost selling days per year, 10% of total work time for a typical sales rep. This costs your organization almost $13,000 in lost productivity per year per sales rep, and an even greater impact in lost revenue and quota achievement.

This means that with a sales team of 100, 10 sales reps are currently wasted because of a failure to improve and automate value communication and quantification.

What if you could:
  • Automate the customization of conversation materials, eliminating the wasted time of customization?Enrich the content to include key collateral and resources?
  • Streamline the development of financial justification and credible business cases?
  • All the time, evolving the conversation resources from product pitches to value communication and quantification?

The Bottom Line: You can significantly regain precious selling time and improve selling effectiveness by automating value communication and quantification.

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