Research: Improving Value Conversations Key to Sales Execution

Over 60% of buyers are disengaging with sales teams because the sales reps didn't present value or really understand the buyers' business challenges, this according to the Sales Execution Trends study of 200 worldwide sales leaders by our partner Qvidian.
Although the research indicates that increasing revenue goals and new sales headcount is the trend, a fundamental issue exists that will prevent many from achieving their growth goals and squandering sales headcount investments:
  • On one side, we have prospects that have fundamentally and permanently changed – now more empowered, skeptical and frugal than ever before – Frugalnomics in full effect.
  • On the other, a traditional selling approach that hasn't evolved from one-size fits all product-centric pitches to value conversations and requisite quantification.

A significant Value Gap exists today between buyer and seller. It all comes down to your rep’s ability to execute, and this execution is all about the customer conversation. However, these conversations are less than effective. The research reveals that the top execution issue is: “Sales reps inability to effectively communicate value”.
According to Christopher Faust, CMO at Qvidian, “The buying environment has changed and now it’s tougher than ever to cut through the clutter to better communicate and differentiate your value with prospects”.
In order to get your new reps effective and achieve quota for all, your customer conversations need to evolve to value storytelling, insights and quantification.
So, are you Minding the Value Gap? If you do, guiding sales reps to better value conversations - communicating, differentiating and quantifying your value, you can indeed drive quota achievement, reap the rewards of new rep hires, and achieve your growth goals.


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