Mind the Value Gap

On one side, we have B2B buyers that have dramatically and permanently changed as a result of Frugalnomics:
  • More Empowered – leveraging the Internet and social groups to self-educatate on your solution and the competition, taking ever more control of knowledge flows and engagement process.
  • More Risk Averse – In a “do more with less” economy, decision makers don’t want to make a mistake. Decision by committee is the norm, involving 43% more stakeholders in each decision compared to just 3 years ago; an average of 8 in a typical purchase decision (IDC)
  • More Frugal – With stakeholders now focused on financial outcomes, and Finance formally involved in the process, 95% require formal financial justification on any proposal (IDC).
On the other side, we have content marketing and sales methods that have not evolved quickly enough to meet the new buyer challenge:
  • Marketing continues to revert to product centric messaging, and rely on one-size-fits-all white papers that don’t deliver the value messaging, quantification and role specific “point of value” today’s prospect needs to spark their decision making.
  • And Sales? Death by PowerPoint product pitches remains the norm.
A Value Gap exists between B2B buyer and seller: A divide between a changed buyer, and a traditional sales and marketing approach that has not shifted from product / service pitches, to conversations about prospect challenges, and the value you can uniquely deliver.

SiriusDecisions indicates that for the past 3 years, the number one reason for revenue shortfalls has not been a lack of leads, sales training or product mix – but the inability for sales and marketing to effectively communicate the value of their solutions to prospects.

So what are you doing to Mind the Value Gap? Are you investing in the value messaging, content and tools needed to close the Value Gap and achieve revenue growth goals?

In 2014, it is clear you need to Mind the Value Gap for success.

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