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Sales Revenue Growth for 2014? More of the Same Won’t Deliver Results


ValueStory Named as Best Calculator App by TabTimes

TabTimes has recommended Alinean's ValueStory as one of its top Calculator Apps in their latest roundup review.
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The latest version includes ROI calculators for Sales and Marketing Productivity (based on cutting edge research from Scott Santucci / Forrester), Marketing, Selling Effectiveness, Mobility and BYOD and Downtime.
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Akamai KONA Security Solutions Interactive White Paper

Akamai wanted to deliver thought leadership insights, value messaging and justification to prospects of its Kona Security Solutions. The challenge was to do this in a thought provoking, compelling, personalized and succinct fashion.

Alinean worked with Akamai to develop the KONA Security Solutions interactive white paper, determining the prospects top priority issues with security, and then recommending specific thought leadership insights, solution overview, value messaging and justification for each priority.

The deliverable white paper is customized and delivered to directly reflect the prospect’s priorities.

The tool is used in online and direct email marketing campaigns to great effect, generating over 60 incremental leads each month. A guaranteed leads program assured quick payback and ROI on the investment.

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AVNET Interactive White Paper

Challenge AVNET wanted to deliver thought leadership insights on potential opportunities and solutions to each prospect, and accomplish this without having to develop and maintain separate white papers for each industry.
Solution AVNET turned to Alinean to an interactive white paper, providing each prospect with personalized insights, solution recommendations and value messaging specific to their industry and unique opportunities.
From a prospect’s profile captured via their website, lead nurturing system or email campaign profile, the interactive white paper tool automatically and in the background assembles the appropriate personalized white paper and delivers it via download.
Benefits The tool is used to educate prospects on the typical industry related opportunities they may want to address, and the related AVNET solutions and value messaging. The tool is used in online and direct email marketing campaigns to great effect, generating over 100 leads each month.
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ACI Worldwide Universal Payments Benefits Estimator

ChallengeACI Worldwide Universal Payments (UP) solution enables a financial institution to leverage the best of its existing payment systems while renovating to gain greater flexibility. It needed a way for customers to quickly understand the financial benefits of the Universal Payments solution.
SolutionACI turned to Alinean to develop the Universal Payments Benefits Estimator, a self-service website run tool to help prospects quickly understand the cost and business advantages of ACI’s solutions compared to legacy / current solutions. 
The tool helps prospects calculate in less than ten minutes the project implementation, maintenance, time to market and revenue benefits of ACI compared to the current solutions and practices. Credible results are delivered leveraging 3rd party Alinean and industry metrics and 3rd party vetted financial models, while providing drill-down into and edibility of key assumptions.
Sales also uses the tool in workshops with prospects, and back office to genera…

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