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How to Unseat an Incumbent?


VMware Cloud Compass Tool (powered by Alinean)

It can be a challenge knowing which cloud solution is best for your particular workloads and business requirements: a private cloud, public cloud or hybrid solution?

To help you determine the best option, VMware worked with the business value experts at Alinean to create the VMware Cloud Compass Tool.
The VMware Cloud Compass Tool factors your unique workloads, budget goals, risk tolerance and desired business outcomes to provide a customized 3rd party recommendation as to the best cloud option for your unique requirements. The tool factors the most important elements to help guide your cloud decision, all in less than 10 minutes to complete.
Starting with a few simple questions about your company and workload requirements, the tool then provides:A comparison of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for various compute options, differentiating the costs for on-premise with public and private cloud options, tallying differences in CapEx, OpEx and business benefits.An assessment of your Risk Toler…

OpenShift Enterprise by Red Hat Benefits Estimator (powered by Alinean)

Here at Alinean, we help some of the best technology solution providers convey the business benefits of their solutions to their customers.  In doing so, we see many different types of technologies and solutions and the corresponding business benefits that those provide.
On occasion, we are excited to identify a technology that really has a compelling value proposition and provides profound benefits to enterprise IT.  Based on our research, we see OpenShift Enterprise by Red Hat as one of those straightforward technologies that can make a big impact on a quite reasonable investment.

In today’s “do more with less” economy you likely struggle to deliver enterprise applications as quickly as required, while at the same time under constant pressure to reduce development costs.
A typical application development project today takes 4 months to deliver and costs between $100,000 and $150,000.[1]Your time frames and costs might be higher or lower depending on your business, but if you are like m…

Canon Output Management Print Services ROI Calculator (powered by Alinean)


Gartner says Buyers Have Changed. IT Sales and Marketing Strategies Are Lagging