Is Marketing and Selling Your Technology Solutions to IT Execs a Losing Proposition?

If you are marketing and selling technology solutions to IT executives, this article is for you, and essential to your 2014 sales and marketing plans.

The share of technology decisions made by IT is at an all time low, this according to IDC research, which indicates that business buyers now fund 61% of all technology spending.

According to the IDC IT Buyer Experience Survey of 194 worldwide organizations, Business Buyers now exert 48% of the influence over the technology buying process. Technical Buyers influence is waning, with a 31% share, while the influence of Financial Buyers has increased as well, now constituting a 15% share.

So who are you currently selling and marketing to? If it’s primarily the Technical Buyer, you may be barking up the wrong tree.

The key to success over the next year could mean reshaping your “conversations” to focus much more on Business Buyers, now funding the majority of the spending, versus your primarily Technical Buyer approach today.

So what are you doing now to address the significant technical to business decision-making shift?


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