ACI Worldwide Universal Payments Benefits Estimator

ACI Worldwide Universal Payments (UP) solution enables a financial institution to leverage the best of its existing payment systems while renovating to gain greater flexibility.
It needed a way for customers to quickly understand the financial benefits of the Universal Payments solution.

ACI turned to Alinean to develop the Universal Payments Benefits Estimator, a self-service website run tool to help prospects quickly understand the cost and business advantages of ACI’s solutions compared to legacy / current solutions. 

The tool helps prospects calculate in less than ten minutes the project implementation, maintenance, time to market and revenue benefits of ACI compared to the current solutions and practices. Credible results are delivered leveraging 3rd party Alinean and industry metrics and 3rd party vetted financial models, while providing drill-down into and edibility of key assumptions.

Sales also uses the tool in workshops with prospects, and back office to generate business case proposals proactively to help engage earlier and accelerate deals.

The tool is used to educate prospects on the value of ACI Universal Payments, helping to motivate stalled deals and accelerate decision cycles, and most importantly, to fuel demand-gen e-mails and other direct marketing programs. A guaranteed lead program assured ROI within the first few months after launch.


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