Need Insights for Provocative Selling? No Problem!

One of the biggest obstacles in implementing Provocative selling is that the approach requires insights, but that these insights are often difficult to gather and leverage. 

But according to our Mark Schlueter, VP of Strategic Accounts, this issue is not so hard to overcome.

"Acres of Diamonds" originated as a speech by Russell Conwell (founder of Temple University) many years ago. The idea of “Acres of Diamonds” is that one need not look elsewhere for opportunity or fortune (or Insights) – the resources to achieve are present in one’s own community.

This theme is developed by Conwell in a story about a man who wanted to find diamonds so badly that he sold his property and went off in futile search for them. The new owner of his home discovered that a rich diamond mine was located right there on the property. Conwell’s advice: "dig in your own backyard!"

Your sales team can, in their own community, develop the unique insights that prospects will find interesting, engaging and useful.  Leveraging the new guided selling application Alinean ValueStory, sales reps can “dig in their own backyard” for diamonds of insights.

ValueStory automatically prompts for and collects insights from each sales conversation, then aggregates and applies these benchmark insights in subsequent sales conversations via interactive surveys, diagnostic assessments, investment mix assessments, cost calculators, and benefit calculators. 

These interactive tools help convey insightful peer benchmarks and calculations that prospects cannot find anywhere else. 

The opportunity is to leverage a new technology (ValueStory) to automatically collect, create and share valuable insights from the front line.  Every day in sales conversations, sales reps are discussing what’s important to different prospects, and gathering some incredible insights, which if they could be collected and shared…. Some of these are:
  •  What are their priority issues and business drivers for considering a change?
  • What are their current capabilities and maturities, particularly the areas where they need the most help?
  • What are they spending on solutions today?
  • What is “do nothing” costing them?
  • What is the estimated value that could be derived if a change occurred?
  • What are the risks and objections they have in moving forward?

The answers to these questions could create valuable insights if they could be effectively collected, aggregated and shared in subsequent conversations. 

With this, the sales team could indeed provide important insights and facilitates teachings with other customers.  What better way to challenge a customer to think differently about their business than to show them how relevant peers with roles just like they have, in their particular industry think about relevant issues, how they are performing with real benchmarks, and about how they are or are not solving the challenges.

The customer is more likely to pause and listen about a problem they didn’t know they had if the sales rep shares evidence collected from the customer’s peers that shows that a high percentage of them see it as an emerging problem - drawing them into the conversation with benchmarks that compare their issues and priorities against their peers. Or what about the ability to diagnostically assess their current capabilities / maturities against their peers to specifically show where they are staying ahead or falling behind?

Customized research for each and every visit, created dynamically and automatically from collective sales conversations and marketing engagements.

The Bottom Line

It is a fact that many companies are struggling to create and deliver insights which is holding back the ability to implement provocative selling.

Leveraging the front-line sales rep and online marketing campaigns with ValueStory, to collect relevant insightful information from every customer conversation and then have this automatically collected, aggregated and compiled for subsequent engagements helps make incredible headway at solving the insight gap and creating a provocative approach.

Alinean ValueStory collects and aggregates customer inputs from each engagement, the responses to surveys, assessments and calculators, and then aggregates and packages this customer intelligence back out to the sales tool.  This means benchmark insights are being collected from each of your sales rep (and marketing) engagements, and then used by the sales reps automatically in subsequent presentations.  ValueStory automates the collection and engagement with these insights. 

Looking for insights?  There are “Acres of Diamonds” to be found, collected and most importantly shared by your sales and marketing teams.  Successfully mine in your own back yard with ValueStory.

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