Thursday, October 10, 2013

Alinean launches free Mobile ROI Calculator

Compares BYOD versus Company Provided TCO and Quantifies Tablet Benefits and ROI

We have introduced a free Mobile ROI Calculator in our ValueStory™ App, providing a quick and easy way to:

  • Compare and contrast the investment requirements and total cost of ownership (TCO) for BYOD versus Company Provided device strategies,
  • Estimate the productivity and revenue benefits of the proposed mobile device program,
  • Calculate the return on investment (ROI) for each option.

 “Many companies are trying to justify a larger commitment to Tablets and determine whether a BYOD or Company Provided strategy would work best,” says Tom Pisello, CEO and founder of Alinean. “This Mobile ROI Calculator provides the research, benchmarks and calculations to help quantify the value of each Tablet program and helps drive better, faster decisions.

The Mobile ROI Calculator leverages research from IDC and benchmarks aggregated from each participant, delivering dynamic insights to help compare and contrast costs, issues, ROI and strategies with peers.

The ValueStory App and ROI Calculators are available for free download from the App store, for use directly by executives to drive better Tablet investment decisions, or by Tablet and App sales professionals and consultants to help prospects more quickly understand the TCO and ROI of various options.

The Mobile ROI Calculator joins a suite of free ValueStory ROI Calculators including those for Marketing Effectiveness, Selling Effectiveness and IT Downtime. Additional free ROI Calculators will be made available each month to registered users.

Download the free ValueStory App and register at to receive your free calculators.

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