Is All Content Created Equal?

The importance of content marketing has increased dramatically, this according to a recent survey by the DemandGen Report that found 68% of B2B prospects rely more on content to make key purchase decisions than they did a year ago. However, the research indicates that not all content is created equal:

1)  Short Attention Span Theater – although your prospects rely on content more than ever, in this “do more with less” economy they are resource constrained, with 78% indicating they have less time to devote to reading and research. With less time, your prospects leverage content that is more concise, relevant and recommended. Prospects seek out content that can deliver a competitive edge – personalized provocative insights that can help illuminate / diagnose issues and motivate the prospect as to “Why Change?” and “Why Now?”.  With less time and tolerance for risk, unfortunately up to 60% of your prospects are choosing to “do nothing” versus investing in new solutions, unless they can be motivated with personalized compelling insights and inspired by the right content.

2)  Only a Matter of Trust – Over 70% of respondents now “place a higher emphasis on the trustworthiness” of the content they view, particularly seeking out 3rd party created / validated content. Source, matters, and so does the content, with almost 60% of your prospects wanting more insights and research to support the content. According to the DemandGen Report, “B2B buyers are going to make trust a critical issue when they decide whether to spend time with a vendor’s content.” And as your content plays a huge role  in the decision making process, providing 3rd party content and research driven insights can lead to you winning the deal or losing to the competition.

3)  Show Me the Money - Almost 2/3rds of respondents strongly agree that B2B vendors focus too much of their content on products and not enough on value – the ability to solve specific business problems and impact the prospect’s bottom line. Helping your prospects understand the “cost of doing nothing”, and communicating / quantifying the specific value of your solutions is now a requirement.

The Bottom Line

Your prospects rely on content more than ever to support their purchase decision-making process, however, the quality and type of content is vital to attracting attention, creating compelling engagements and driving sales revenue success.

As a B2B solution provider, you have a unique opportunity today to better connect, engage and sell to today’s more time constrained, skeptical and frugal prospect. You can gain advantage can be gained by developing and delivering content that is more personalized and relevant, , is 3rd party generated / validated with research driven insights, and is above all value-focused – communicating and quantifying the specific cost of current issues and benefits of proposed solutions.



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