Thursday, May 23, 2013

SiriusDecisions: Five Ways to Value Actualization Tool Success WebCast On-Demand

I had the pleasure of interviewing SiriusDecisions Jim Ninivaggi, Service Director, for Sales Enablement. 

In this session, we explored Value Actualization tools (traditionally known as ROI Calculators) – what they are, why they are now a vital part of the selling process, and some of the best practices around doing them right.

In our Q&A session, Jim highlighted key new research from SiriusDecisions, which will have a significant impact on your sales and marketing strategy:
  • The number one issue preventing sales professionals from achieving quota for the 3rd year in a row is not the product portfolio, product knowledge or lack of training, but the inability to communicate the value proposition
  • The ability to communicate value by role, and the use of Financial Justification / ROI (Value Actualization) tools are the most significant best practice differences between top performers and middle of the pack / low performers.

Beyond strategy, Jim and I discussed in detail what it takes to do Value Actualization Tools the right way, especially:
  • How to make sure the development process is done right
  • What are the key financial elements and other best practices to include
  • How to assure adoption and proper use
  • Where to best apply the tools in the selling process

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