Friday, May 31, 2013

Dump the PowerPoint Sales Pitch & Engage Your Customers Instead

To effectively communicate the value of your solutions, you likely arm your Sales Reps with PowerPoint (PPT) decks to help them present challenges, solutions and benefits.
From your Sales Rep's perspective, these PPT decks:
  • Are way too long, many topping 100 slides or more, making it extremely difficult to figure out what to present for each unique selling engagement
  • Contain too much content about your company and your products, and not enough of the  content that customers care most about – challenging, consultative insights that will help build emotional connections
  •  The tangible value messaging and quantification that today’s more frugal buyer needs for rational justification

Think your customers like PPT presentations any more than your Sales Reps? Think again.
If your customers are like those just recently surveyed:
  • 1/3rd of them have fallen asleep during one of your PowerPoint sales pitches
  • One in five of your customers say they would rather go to the Dentist than sit through another PPT fueled session(1).

Your customers don’t want PPTs; they want your Sales teams to deliver an engagement that is personalized and relevant. They seek provocative, challenging and compelling insight to help them achieve a competitive advantage. They want a conversation, not a sales pitch. However, one-size-fits-all PowerPoint presentations fail to engage.
PowerPoint presentations are unfortunately:
  1. Not intelligent enough to recommend the right content for the right selling situation, providing way too much one-size fits all content
  2. Too linear and less than interactive, making it difficult to navigate to just what your customer is interested in, and focused on their unique challenges
  3.  Lacking provocative, challenging and compelling insight, diagnostic assessments, benchmarks and metrics
  4.  Short on the quantified financial justification today’s frugal buyer demands
  5.  Incapable of tracking how and when it is being used, what is being presented, and to whom
  6. Lacking the ability to collect and leverage the customer intelligence gained from each engagement to help guide future product / marketing and more importantly, to make the next presentation that much more insightful and effective.

The buyer’s perspective? 
Your sales calls are “Death by PowerPoint”.
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Source: (1) MarketingProfs

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