SAVO Maturity Benchmark (powered by Alinean)

In order to better understand customer’s challenges, SAVO Group developed a comprehensive Maturity Benchmark framework to analyze current Sales, Marketing and Operations practices, uncover and prioritize key issues, and make consultative improvement recommendations.

In order to better connect and engage with prospects, SAVO wanted to create simpler versions of the full consultative benchmark, offered to clients on a self-service basis from

Alinean converted the benchmarking framework into a powerful on-line diagnostic assessment tool to fuel on-line marketing campaigns and nurturing. The first set of these self-service assessment tools is now available at

To help Consulting scale to support the increased demand, Alinean also developed an advanced online version of the Maturity Benchmark tool to scale consulting’s capability to deliver more maturity benchmark workshops.

Alinean’s CEO and Founder, Tom Pisello, will be presenting with Matt Guido, VP Alliances and Business Development for SAVO, on the importance of these diagnostic tools at the SAVO Sales Enablement Summit on Tuesday April 30th in the session: Driving Smarter Engagement and Nurturing Through Dynamic Content.

Tom and the the Alinean team will also be conducting personal demonstrations of the SAVO Maturity Benchmark tools (powered by Alinean) and new ValueStory App at Booth #11 during the event. If you are there, please stop by and say hello!


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