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ROI now Guaranteed on Alinean Value Marketing Tools

With Frugalnomics, buyers are more overloaded, skeptical and frugal than ever before. As a result, you absolutely need to invest in Value Marketing Tools to drive revenue: challenging the “do nothing” buyer to take action, justifying the investment in your proposed solutions, and quantifying your differentiating value. But how can you be sure that the investment in Value Marketing Tools will pay-off?

Alinean’s guaranteed leads program takes the worry out of your Value Marketing programs, adding integrated e-mail marketing campaigns and guaranteed leads performance, coupled with compelling Interactive White Papers and Benefit Estimator interactive value marketing tools. The programs guarantee your ROI, delivering a significant number of leads directly to your marketing automation platform (MAP) for proper nurturing and engagement.

In partnership with EnterpriseGuide, the social buying community for Enterprise Technology, the Alinean Value Marketing Tools are used to fuel e-mail marketing…

IDC introduces new Cloud Decision Framework (powered by Alinean) at IDC / IDG Cloud Leadership Forum in Santa Clara

A special sold-out workshop session kicked off the IDC / IDG Cloud Leadership Forum, the Cloud Economics 2012 Workshop, discussing the latest findings when it comes to cloud costs.

Presented by Randy Perry, Vice President, Business Value Consulting , IDC and Joseph Pucciarelli, VP and IT Executive Advisor, IDC, the workshop discussed the economics of cloud computing, reviewing its ability to shift expense from capital to operational budgets, and how cloud solutions could cost more in the long run if not not properly managed.

Using IDC’s online Cloud Decision Framework (powered by Alinean), analysts worked hands-on, with participants to evaluate the operational, organizational and financial considerations of their hosting decisions, by helping them quantify the true cost of their cloud initiatives.

Click here to watch a video about the tool from IDC's Joe Pucciarelli

Click here to see the presentation from the workshop, presented by IDC's Randy Perry and his value tools team

Click h…

ShoreTel Sophisticated Simplicity Interactive White Paper (IDG)

ShoreTel wanted to generate more sales-ready opportunities, and elevate it’s engagements with today’s more skeptical and frugal prospects.

To achieve better engagement, and fuel lead generation campaigns, the ShoreTel Sophisticated Simplicity Interactive White Paper was created. Authored by IDG and powered by Alinean, the white paper effectively communicates the business value of a properly executed Unified Communications solution, one relying on ShoreTel’s simplicity.
The ShoreTel Sophisticated Simplicity Interactive White Paper replaces more traditional white paper strategy to generate more demand, drive more opportunities, and improve engagement.

Click here to see the ShoreTel Sophisticated Simplicity Interactive White Paper in action.