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Plantronics UC Toolkit, Wireless Voice Office Assessment Tool

Plantronics, the leading makers of audio communication solutions such as corded and wireless Bluetooth and DECTheadsets was fielding many inquiries from customers who needed help configuring the best wireless headset solutions to support enterprise Unified Communication (UC) installations.

For UC users, their headset is often worn throughout the day, and as such, is a not a commodity, but a very personal device. Recommend the wrong audio headset, and user satisfaction and UC adoption would be subpar.

For IT, the UC audio solution had to be specified properly to support the unique office environment installations, and support these strong user preferences.

As these customers were planning and deploying their UC solutions, Plantronics realized that a little help could go a long way to help streamline the planning and deployment process, ease IT stress, improve user satisfaction and adoption.

“It sounds simple, right, just give everyone a UC audio device. But without the appropriate approa…